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Steph Curry and Warriors to the Rest of the NBA: Now Youse Can’t Leave

I think the Warriors got exactly what they needed with this Thunder series; a wake up call. And they’re way better off for it. AKA LeBron and the Cavs are fucked. The Warriors have been cruising for the past 6 … Continue reading

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The Kevin Durant Watch is Back On for Boston Celtics Fans

Kevin Durant watch is back on. It definitely would have been better for the Celtics if OKC got trounced in the previous round by San Antonio, which would have made it easier for Durant to say hey it’s not happening … Continue reading

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The NFL is Moving Touchbacks to the 25 Yard Line and Devin Hester is Bullshit

Yahoo Sports – Say, did you remember that the NFL is moving kickoff touchbacks to the 25-yard-line this year? Devin Hester did, and he’s none too pleased. “It’s like taking away a job from people,” the Falcons return man told ESPN, and … Continue reading

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Jonny Gomes is (Not) Retiring; Shane Victorino Likely in the Same Boat

Sports Illustrated – Despite reports, veteran outfielder Jonny Gomes is not retiring, according to Rob Bradford of….After Gomes’s 13 seasons in the Major Leagues, SB Nation reported Wednesday that he would retire. He is not currently on a roster. SB … Continue reading

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Uber Continues to Innovate; Now Mimicking Public Transportation

This is genius, I wish someone had thought of this sooner. It’s like some sort of mass transit system. And at $40 a month plus $2 per ride for 20 rides a month you could be looking at $80 a … Continue reading

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DeMarcus Cousins Subtweets Draymond Green Because He’s Got the Heart of a Champion

Yahoo Sports – DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t seem to like Draymond Green. Why? Well, it’s quite possible that Cousins feels his own reputation is unfair and that Green would have a similar reputation if his team wasn’t potentially the greatest of all time. … Continue reading

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Opportunity for Jimmy Garoppolo Could Have Huge Payoff for the Patriots

Yahoo Sports – Jimmy Garoppolo finds himself in a good situation. He can prepare all offseason as if he’ll be the New England Patriots’ starting quarterback for the first four games of the season, thanks to Tom Brady’s deflate-gate suspension…Think about Brock … Continue reading

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