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Marquette King Punting Moon Shots Will Change Your Opinion of Punters Forever

So Oakland (read: Las Vegas) Raiders punter Marquette King was showing off his bionic leg for some charity event recently and holy hell. All punters more or less look like guys that just wondered off the soccer field and fell … Continue reading

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AP Set to Test Market

The #Vikings will not exercise the 2017 option on Adrian Peterson’s contract. 📰: — Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) February 28, 2017 No surprise here. No way the Vikings could justify paying Adrian Peterson $18 million next year with the … Continue reading

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Celtics Lose to Hawks, But Jonas Jerebko SHATTERED a Guy’s Ankles

Oh what’s that, I’ve gone 3 for 15 over the past 3 games?? Must be this goddamn mask. Let me just take off the Rip Hamilton Special… …and lets see what happens* Tonight we spell Jerebko WITH A G. Ankles … Continue reading

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Once Dominant Red Sox Reliever Daniel Bard is On the Comeback Tour

Yahoo! Sports – For a time, Daniel Bard was one of baseball’s most effective and feared relievers. Now the 31-year-old right-hander is scratching and clawing for one more opportunity in the big leagues, which he hopes will come this season … Continue reading

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Danny Ainge is Wary of Becoming the Knicks By Trading All His Assets and I Can’t Blame Him

I’m as frustrated as the rest of you that the Celtics didn’t make any trades, not a single move, but at the risk of sounding like a Green Teamer did we really want to blow up our team for another … Continue reading

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Friday Morning Randomness

No fireworks for the Celtics at the trade deadline yesterday, but maybe they can surprise us with a run to the conference finals like they did in 2002.

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MLB Can Fuck Right Off With Putting a Team in Las Vegas

CBS Sports – MLB commissioner Rob Manfred seems increasingly to have expansion on his mind. While the general sense of things is that Manfred and MLB will look to expand their international footprint in the next round of expansion, you … Continue reading

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