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Episode 002 of The 300s Drive Time Coming in Hot

Hanley, Pablo, Price, Dombrowski. This is a flawed team. Are the Red Sox a playoff team or do they just want to appear to be a playoff team? DRIVE TIME!

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Phil Jackson Shown the Door Before Being Able to Burn the Place Down

New York Times – A little more than three years after being brought in as the savior of the Knicks, Phil Jackson is out as team president. Jackson was informed of the team’s decision on Tuesday. Jackson, 71, who won … Continue reading

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Red Sox Win, Moreland Homers Again and Farrell Takes a Dig at Hanley

After topping the Angels with Chris Sale picking up win No. 10, Craig Kimbrel going 1-2-3 in the 9th for the save and Mitch Moreland homering in his 3rd straight game, John Farrell praised his guys for persevering. But mostly … Continue reading

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Lets Officially Clear Up What Makes a Super Team in the NBA

I am tired of everyone pointing out the other Super Teams around the NBA just to make LeBron feel better. They had multiple great players, see they’re a Super Team too. LeBron “I’ve never been on a Super Team” James … Continue reading

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ESPN Asks Who Are the Best QBs in Patriots History? Hmm

ESPN asked the question of who are the 5 greatest Patriots QBs of all time? Let me stop you right there ESPN. Tom Brady.  Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Because I spit hot fire. But, seriously why is this … Continue reading

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Uber Will Now Deliver a Big Mac to Your Front Door

Uber, you sly sonofabitch! Look I knew UberEats was a thing because they email me about it reminding me its a thing, but I’ve got GrubHub to handle that. I don’t really want the modern day cab driver handling my … Continue reading

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Tonight the Red Sox Will Retire #34 for David Ortiz

David Ortiz will be the last Red Sox player to ever wear #34 as it will go up on the right field deck tonight. It’s a weird feeling seeing the players you grew up with, the players who won titles … Continue reading

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