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Jocko Willink Just Came Up with the Single Greatest Strategy to Beat North Korea

So how do you stop an unhinged leader of North Korea who has the world on the brink of nuclear war? Assassination? Stage a coup? Nope. How then? iPhones. Brilliant.

For a nation thats shrouded in secrecy that keeps its citizens shielded from any real information or technology, this is great. Those crazy bastards legit don’t even have the internet. Probably don’t even know it exists. Can you even remember a time without the internet? I remember logging onto AOL 96 as it made those god awful noises that sounded like a robot was being raped.

*Side note, I actually played this video at work one day to the younger kids in the office and they legit had no idea what it was. I am so washed.*

But before Dial Up it was just some Super Mario Brothers and not much else. What the hell do you do without internet? Riding bikes kind of got kicked to the curb once I turned like 13 so thats out. There’s probably not any North Korean ESPN to watch North Korean Skip Bayless fire off hot takes all day so thats out.

So if a motherfucking iPhone drops in my lap from the sky I give it about a week before the entire country just burns down Kim Jong Un’s whole compound. You’ve been hiding THIS from us? Information, sports, news, porn, and Google? Nope. Time for you to go.

Nuclear war averted, thanks Jocko.

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