The TB12 Method Is Not on My Christmas List

Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback to ever play the game and he’s gotten better with age. Brady never takes unnecessary hits, never throws foolish interceptions and knows the rules better than most officials. It is with all due respect I say that I will never read his book.

Why pay $29.99 $18.23 (plus shipping) for second-rate fitness tips when I can get them for free on Reddit? I also have no interest in kicking my nightshade habit, so there’s no point in reviewing his meal plans. It just seems like most of the information in this “athlete’s bible” will be useless to 99% of the people who (pretend to) read it.

The fact that Brady is getting better at an age when most other athletes are deteriorating is noteworthy. But is Brady getting better with age because of his fitness and nutrition regimens? Or is it just a coincidence that the greatest quarterback of all time also doesn’t like tomatoes? I don’t see anyone clamoring for a Big Sexy Cookbook, even though he’s the oldest American League pitcher to throw a complete game in the last quarter century.


This book is a vanity project and a cash grab. If you want to buy this book, and think you will actually use some of Brady’s methods for more than a week, Godspeed. I’ll be at Buffalo Wild Wings on Sunday trying to limit myself to just 10 wings and 3 beers during the Patriots game, instead of my usual dozen wings and 4 beers. The diet that works the best is the diet you can actually stick to. Maybe by the end of the season I’ll be down to 8 wings on Sundays. We’ll see how many tomatoes you eat over that time.

Mark this down, though. There will be more ninth graders this fall who finish Beowulf than people who finish the TB12 Method.

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