Weird Ass Alex Guerrero Banned from the Patriots Sideline, Team Plane

SIPatriots coach Bill Belichick is restricting controversial trainer Alex Guerrero’s access to players, including Tom Brady, the Boston Globe reports. Guerrero had previously been given free reign to fly on Patriots charters to road games, access to the sidelines during all games and an office next to the locker room at Gillette Stadium.  In recent weeks, though, the Globe reports, Belichick banned Guerrero from the sideline and stopped letting him fly with the team. He is also forbidden from treating players other than Tom Brady at the stadium. (Guerrero can still train players at the TB12 Center adjacent to the stadium, however.

So I guess this has been a story brewing behind the scenes for a few weeks now but has finally come to a head. Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady’s personal trainer/friend/business partner/svengali has been banned from, among other things, the sideline and team flights. He had access to both until the last few weeks or so, depending on who you listen to, as well as the ability to treat other Patriots at the team facilities, which he also has been prohibited from doing moving forward. This all stems from some sort of feud that has been building between Belichick and Guerrero, which honestly is not all that shocking. Guerrero is an entity that not only represents business interests outside of winning football games but is not directly a part of the team itself either. For someone like Belichick who demands 1000000% focus on being a championship football team, his presence I’m sure has been at least a little annoying since day 1. So here we are.

Alex Guerrero is a guy who once carried the title of “Doctor” (he’s not) and has tried to hock a couple of different products that have claimed to either cure cancer (it doesn’t) and prevent concussions (a “no” on that one as well). The latter one was endorsed by Brady and it could be speculated that maybe Guererro, who has a masters in Chinese Medicine from a college that no longer exists, could maybe still be flying under the radar had he not landed such a famous client. So to this end, he is a liar and probably a thief. He’s a fucking weirdo if nothing else. Who lies about being a doctor of eastern medicine? Imagine if that was a scene in “Catch Me If You Can”? Leo would have spat on the script.

However, if we are to believe Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and even a member of the local sports media (because they are a group of the utmost integrity), his training methods work. He can work out the kinks of a 16 game season like no other, apparently. So from this angle, he truly might be an innovator, and in the least, very helpful indeed.

So this is where things get interesting. One could say that as of right now, and for the past couple of years, as it applies to the Patriots, he really isn’t or hasn’t hurt anyone. The players, at least those who get “treaments” from him, seem to like him and he keeps #12 happy. You could also say. “Well maybe he just hasn’t bungled anything yet and accidentally snapped Gronk’s femur, etc. The guy could be a disaster waiting to happen.” This would also be fair. Both are great cases.

I think for me at least – even though as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now I don’t care for the guy one bit – I’d have to know more. Did the Pats early-season turnaround coincide with Belichick starting to reign this guy in? Or could the same be said of Brady’s ehh play the last few weeks? Again, if it’s the latter, then I would think the best course of action would be for the Pats to be, for the most part, laissez-faire with the Brady/Guerrero situation to keep the GOAT happy and win another ring. Why make something out of nothing.

Strange times with strange people.


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