The 300s Bloggers’ Fantasy Football Recap – The Drew Bledsoe Week

Fun Fact: Nirvana’s Unplugged episode came out 25 years ago this week. I got through many an awkward middle school/early high school day thanks to their angsty combo of punk, pop, and metal. And the Unplugged set? One of the more classic rock n’ roll sets, up there with Hendrix or Santana at Woodstock or Queen at Live Aid. Easily on of the most entrancing, haunting performances I’ve ever watched, in-person or through the tube. Check it out if you have some time this week.

Any way, #sports and stuff. How’d we do?

Joey B

My roommate, the blog infamous man known as Patty Blackouts has both a horrendous team and an annoying, years-old habit of only beating the shit out of me in particular and that happened again. No one really got going for my squad, dropping me to 4-7 and almost definitely knocking me out of the post-season.


Despite my opponent having the focal point of the Rams offense in last night’s epic shootout, I was able to eke out a win and cling to the fleeting hope of a backdoor playoff bid. Luckily for me Todd Gurley took a backseat in the Rams 54 point night outburst and Ezekiel Elliot continued to drag the lifeless body of Jerry Jones and the Cowboys with 29 points of his own. We live to fight another day. 


Another solid performance out of my suddenly halfway competent 1-9 team didn’t mean squat, as my opponent had Jared Goff in last night’s insane barn burner on MNF. At least I got points from Mark Ingram’s solid day against Philly; he was on the bench in my other league. Ho hum. This season blows.

I was feeling pretty good for a while in my other league. Aaron Jones started off with almost 30 for me on Thursday night, but I knew Marquez Valdes-Scantling’s one-catch performance in the same game as my FLEX would come back to haunt me. But even if I played Ingram there instead, it still wouldn’t have mattered because, of course, my opponent in this league ALSO had Jared Goff. And getting 16 points from his defense didn’t hurt him either. I can still make the playoffs if I win my final two matchups, but I’m definitely sweating it out.

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