Top 5 Things I Need to Hear Tom Brady Talk About on Howard Stern

After two decades working in a place that treats any sliver of information like a matter of national security, Tom Brady is doing things just a bit different these days, as he’s set to appear on Howard Stern on Wednesday. Wow.

We’ve seen Brady become more open over the past few years with 2018’s Tom vs Time being the most in-depth glance into Brady’s life ever. All things considered Brady has delivered a very curated, polished public persona aside from maybe his younger days chasing tail. We’ve all come to rely on his relatively recent foray into social media for any glimpses into Brady’s life, which is what makes this Howard Stern interview all the more fascinating. Stern is hands down the best interviewer in any media format and he has been for a long time. Stern may not get Brady to cry like the late, great Steve Sabol once did,

but Stern specializes in getting people to talk about things they wouldn’t normally otherwise. This isn’t like the old E! days so I don’t expect he’ll be asking Brady what Giselle’s favorite position is, but Brady should be prepared to talk about things he really hasn’t in a public forum ever before. I really hope this doesn’t end up being a publicity stunt, but I don’t think it will, Howard Stern is just too good to let Brady get away with that.

So here are the Top 5 things I want to hear Brady talk about when he goes on Stern.

5.) Deflategate – What the fuck happened and how pissed was he that he got crucified for an equipment violation? When guys like Aaron Rodgers are on record saying they love to over inflate balls? When the NFL made it the trial of the century and publicly stated they’d be recording the air pressure of balls at every game and again at half time for an entire season — whatever happened to those numbers? Just another example of the NFL abusing its own power and in the process doing legitimate harm to Brady’s legacy…even though he actually played better after all this.

4.) Leaving New England – I can totally relate to a guy just wanting to do something different so I get it. However with so much history between him and Belichick and Kraft, the otherworldly success, and his age, theres obviously more to the story than just needing a change of scenery.

3.) His Legacy – Athletes never want to talk about their place in history while they’re still playing. You never want to take your focus off the task at hand, but with such a monumental shift in his career coming this offseason I think it’s fair to take a second and look back on what he’s accomplished with the Patriots (and what he wishes he had).

2.) Alex Guerrero – This is Brady’s business partner in TB12, his trainer/nutritionist/masseuse/confidante, and even the godfather to one of Brady’s kids. So this is one of Brady’s nearest and dearest friends, but I need to hear Howard ask Brady about Guerrero’s shady history. Guerrero has a spotty record to put it lightly, and at one time was even hawking junk supplements that he claimed could cure cancer. So I understand having some buddies from the old days, but does Tom ever worry about Guerrero’s history coming back to bite them in the ass? Especially with TB12 built on a tripod of Brady, Pliability, and Guerrero, any nefarious news could legitimately sink that brand.

1.) Bill Belichick – What else could you possibly want to hear more about? Belichick is the NFL’s version of the Most Interesting Man in the World. He’s mysterious, wildly successful, terrifying, powerful, influential, groundbreaking, but equally parts frustrating and at times arrogant. Who has a better view inside the head of Belichick than the guy who spent the better part of the last 20 years working side by side? Now, Brady has never been one to throw bombs and while I think there was definitely some friction here the past few years, Brady knows him and Bill formed the most lethal head coach/QB combo in league history because of how well they worked together.

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