The Writers

You can’t have discussions from the cheap seats without a writers room full of guys hell bent on making fun of everything from the Red Sox rotation to the plot holes in Mrs. Doubtfire like we’re living in an episode of Seinfeld.


A former Big J Journalist and an enthusiastic fan of any kind of throwback jersey from AJ Wright. I write about anything Boston sports related and I routinely sacrifice my health and wellbeing trying things like Dunkin Energy Punch for The 300s Reviews.

Big Z

Big Z is the Midwest bureau chief for The 300s and a Boston expat. In addition to Boston sports in general, his beats include sports media, sports uniforms and logos, ballparks and fast food. A perfect blog post for him probably includes at least one GIF from Entourage, The Simpsons, Seinfeld or The Office.

Papa Giorgio

Your resident NY blogger with all the news concerning the mismanaged Mets, the clueless Islanders, and those painful to watch Bills. This is the life I chose and when one of them wins a title, watch out, because you’ll never hear from me again. I also like to talk pop culture, especially TV and film so strap in nerds, its going to be a shitshow.


During the day, I do grad school, watch New Girl reruns and contribute to The 300s on NBA and NFL gambling props. At night, I crush it for some sports networks as a writer, researcher and associate producer.

Joey Ballgame

I’d like to take this chance to apologize to absolutely nobody. MMA and pop culture takes out of left. Maybe some sports.


Another Boston blogger with an emphasis on hockey, baseball, football, soccer, movies, and whatever else comes to mind. I will try to outblog Papa Giorgio when it comes to Billy Joel blogs.