Curt Schilling Wants to Be the Red Sox Pitching Coach and I Say Lets Do It

One of the biggest reported issues with the Red Sox this season was the disconnect between the analytics nerds and the baseball guys. Ya know like every scene in the first hour of Moneyball.

Rather than completely axe longtime Sox employee Dana LeVangie, the team opted to reassign him to the scouting department instead. That leaves a gaping hole for a pitching staff that was an absolute disaster outside of Eduardo Rodriguez. The Red Sox seemingly want to make analytics a more integral part of their decision making, which sounds weird to say. I don’t know when it happened but the Sox seemingly fell behind the pack. This team lead the charge, along with Billy Beane, on OBP and sabermetrics. Hell, the team even still employs Bill James. So how did we get to this point? My guess is old school baseball guys like Dave Dombrowski didn’t exactly see eye to eye with the nerds.

So the Sox want to get back in the analytics game.

You think THIS guy has a problem with that?

Curt Schilling used to walk around the ballpark with a gigantic trapper keeper full of numbers every time he took the mound. That was before the analytics revolution that has led to every catcher now wearing a wristband or having an index card in their back pocket.

Schilling was also an A+ analyst on ESPN before he just could not stop himself from tweeting things his bosses explicitly told him to not tweet about. So theres that.

I think Schill would make a pretty good pitching coach even though he might get into a fist fight with David Price.

However, thats before we even get to the politics. John Henry has donated more than half a million dollars to various democratic campaigns over the years and Curt Schilling has been a very outspoken ride or die supporter of Donald Trump.

So while this has a zero percent chance of ever actually happening I think it’d be interesting to see. Now maybe you don’t want a guy that loves to talk in a typically behind the scenes role of pitching coach, but hey whats the worst that could happen they miss the playoffs?

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Al Horford Says Celtics Weren’t “Going to Be Able to Coexist” With Kyrie Irving

Boston Herald – As far as on the court, it’s certain Horford wasn’t interested in playing another hand from the same deck. I asked him if his decision would have been different if Irving had remained.

“I’m not sure that has anything to do with it for me,” Horford said. “I just think that if Kyrie would have stayed, I don’t know if it would have worked. There would have had to be some major changes as far as players, because it was just clear that the group that we had just wasn’t going to be able to coexist.”

And what about if he’d known Kemba Walker was coming. Horford paused.

“I don’t want to get caught up in the past,” he said, “but, yeah, that would have been totally different.”

Longtime Celtics writer Steve Bulpett caught up with old friend Al Horford and the big man had some interesting quotes on the dumpster fire that was the Celtics last year.

Horford reaffirmed what everyone has been saying for the past 6 months; this team just could not gel. Whether you want to blame that on Kyrie being a piss poor leader or on the young guys feeling themselves a bit too much is up to you, but the issue was real.

Kyrie is the guy that openly and bizarrely announced to the media that the Celtics needed a “15 year veteran” to help the team win. Maybe a Sam Cassell or Kendrick Perkins type at the end of the bench could have helped play the role of mentor/player-coach, but this group shouldn’t have needed that.

Lets just kill the Kemba/Horford talk right now too because of the way the NBA cap works in all its mysterious ways, it would have bene just about impossible for the Celtics to fit Kemba and Horford on the team. The only reason they were able to sign Kemba was *because* Kyrie and Horford left, not in spite of it. When one guy leaves it doesn’t automatically open up that salary space under the cap. Infuriating, yet true. The cap is not crap in this league.

The Celtic’s early playoff exit and subsequent gutting is all the more frustrating because of just how talented this team truly was last season.

“I just feel like we had so much talent, just a lot of talent, and we all wanted to do great things. There were just too many of us almost. I just feel like we had so much that it was very, very difficult to essentially keep everybody feeling good and focused on where we wanted to get to. And I do believe that that just kept getting in our way.”

You had 3 All-Stars in Kyrie/Horford/Hayward, a defensive POY candidate in Smart, a couple of future All-Stars in Tatum and Brown and a ton of excellent role players. Except Hayward was coming back from his injury and the ONLY way for him to get right was to play, which obviously took minutes away from Tatum and Brown. Sprinkle in the fact that Kyrie seemingly preferred to play with veterans because the young guys just didn’t “get it” or have the winning experience (despite Kyrie having a grand total of one title). Then you had guys like Terry Rozier and Marcus Morris in contract years playing hero ball trying to get paid. Plus you still had former first round picks like Robert Williams and Guerschon Yabusele trying to carve out roles. To top it all off was Brad Stevens who couldn’t get the team to buy in and Danny Ainge who refused to make any changes to the roster. Thats a recipe for a disaster in hindsight.

Appearing on Anna Horford’s podcast (yes, Al’s sister) Cedric Maxwell actually blames the Celtics more than Kyrie.

“I think the Celtics, for the most part, babied Kyrie too much,” Maxwell said. “When you baby a player for so many times and you’re kissing his ass the whole time, I think, for the most part he has no recourse.”

I mean, he’s not wrong, but still Kyrie is a grown ass man. This isn’t like blaming the parents for spoiling a 5 year old kid. Kyrie is a 27-year-old Duke graduate participant with eight seasons in the league.

Goddamnit what a waste of an opportunity. The Warriors were on their last legs, Giannis was a one man show, the Sixers weren’t deep enough, LeBron was broken down and in the West, and the C’s just could not get their shit together to make a run. Kawhi Leonard won the title almost singlehandedly in Toronto and I firmly believe a cohesive Celtics squad could have taken the Raptors. Unfortunately that team never figured it out and here we are.

The Celtics aren’t a favorite, a top 5 or even a top 10 pick to win it all in most polls this year because of the talent that left town. The C’s acted swiftly and made the best of a bad situation by bringing another elite talent in Kemba Walker to town, but now Boston goes back to being a plucky underdog rather than a pre-season juggernaut. Maybe thats for the best.

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A Boston Resident Has Been Diagnosed With…..Measles?

Boston.comA Boston resident was diagnosed with measles Sunday, the city’s Public Health Commission said Wednesday in a statement….. “This is the first confirmed case of measles in a Boston resident since 2013.’’

Thanks a WHOOOOOOOLEEEEE FUCKING LOT JENNY MCCARTHY. Measles. We talkin bout measles. How does one contract measles you ask? I have no fucking clue. Well actually I assume by making contact with someone with measles. How does that happen in 2019? I have no idea. All I know is Al Gore did not invent the internet and give SJWs the platform to form a massive misfit army just to have them killed off by diseases thought eradicated in 1882 (or thereabouts).

But in all seriousness, I’m actually impressed that today’s medical doctors even know how the hell to identify and treat something like measles. Like ya, open heart surgery is absolute physiological poetry in motion. But doctors today are trained in modern techniques to perform such operations. Identify and set a course of treatment for a disease that Oliver Twist probably survived four times? Now that’s something to talk about. I would be more susceptible to imagining a conversation like this happening:

Doc 1: I have no idea what this kid has.
Doc2: I looked it up  in that book ol’ book we got. It’s measles.
Doc1: Jesus chriminity! Well good job with the research. Now how do we cure him?
Doc2: Not a fuckin clue.

Yet somehow in the greatest medical city (???????????I think???????????) in the world these guys were able to put it together. That’s something.

Quickly back to these asshole anti-vaxer parents though as it obviously they’re fault this happened. What a stupid fucking movement, even at a time where stupid fucking movements like the flat earthers exists. “O I’m not gonna vaccinate my kid there are harmful chemicals.” Well ya, there’s also the sun, car exhaust, and fluoride in our water so unless you are catching rain and feeding it to your bubble kid through a tube you’re shit out of luck there. “But Jenny McCarthy’s kid has autism.” Look it’s been said by smarter people than me but  being vaccinated didn’t give Jenny McCarthy’s kid autism. Being Jenny McCarthy’s kid did.

So here we are. In 2019. The year I’ve already described as full-blow “Idiocracy”. Add this to the list. Measles. Great.

-Joey B.

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The XFL Announces the First Pool of Players in the Draft and It is…Underwhelming

This is…disappointing. Did I expect Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick to carry the XFL flag out of the tunnel?  No, but maybe a couple of names I actually recognized. They couldn’t even get a guy like Trent Richardson after he failed in the AAF? And where’s Johnny Manziel for christs sake? This league was built for him…which I also said about him and the CFL and the AAF….but thats besides the point.

Oh and the great Landry Jones doesn’t count because he already signed with the league and per its rules the XFL will be assigning a QB to each team. Vince McMahon has seen how many NFL teams are complete disasters because they can’t find a QB so he’s trying to micro-manage that problem and nip it in the bud.

Okay, so not a vast and deep pool of talent, but lets see what we got here. If you are a college football nerd then you’re on your own because this list is ranked on dudes I actually recognized and remember watching at some point.

1.) Connor Cook – Easily the biggest name in this entire draft pool. Cook was a pretty damn good QB at Michigan State and was once even looked at as a potential starter in the NFL when the Raiders drafted him in the 4th round in 2016. Hell he even started a playoff game after Derek Carr got injured, but he never really caught on and bounced around the league for a couple years and got released a few times. You may also remember Cook for looking like a total dickhead snatching the Big Ten Championship game MVP trophy from Archie Griffin.


2.) Roberto Aguayo – One of the best kickers in NCAA history turned the biggest bust of a kicker in NFL history. Aguayo was a stud at Florida State (most accurate kicker in ACC history and 3rd in NCAA history) before the guy went OFF THE RAILS in dumpster fire fashion playing for the Bucs. So much so that I worry about the guy a little bit, so hopefully he gets back on track in the XFL. The Bucs literally traded up into the 2nd round for Aguayo before he missed a boatload of kicks and was unceremoniously cut.

3.) Devin Lucien – If this name sounds familiar its because he was a 7th round draft pick of the Patriots in 2016 who became a pre-season darling before failing to make the team.


4.) Sealver Siliga – Another former Patriot! Siliga played 3 seasons for the Patriots making 13 starts with 5.5 sacks and 95 tackles.

5.) Darron Thomas – Thomas played QB at Oregon so thats the one and only reason he caught my eye. Thomas was actually a pretty good QB for the Ducks in the post-Dennis Dixon pre-Marcus Mariota era. Thomas led Oregon to the National Championship game in 2011, which they lost to Cam Newton and Auburn. I remember that game vividly because Mattes and I watched it in a Chilis like the scrubs that we are. You probably unfamiliar with his work because Thomas left Oregon early to enter the NFL Draft and got neither drafted nor signed as a free agent before kicking around the Canadian Football League, Champions Professional Indoor Football League, Arena Football League, Major League Football (which I’ve never even heard of because it never actually played a game), Indoor Football League, and even played for the Worcester Pirates in the National Arena League last year!

6.) HANDSOME Tanielu – What a name. Only reason he made the list.


Woo! The XFL Draft is sneaking up and then the inaugural  latest XFL season kicks off in February, 2020. Catch the fever!

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The 300s Fantasy Football Round Up – Week 5

Can you believe we are already more than 1/4 of the way through the season? Pretty crazy considering it feels like yesterday it was June and we were DYING for football. I mean people, when we began this season McKayla Maroney wasn’t even back on IG! Crazy stuff.

Anyway, let’s get to how The 300s writers room did in fantasy football this week.

Joey B (0-5)

Another week and another loss. My team had it’s best squad yet and it just wasn’t enough. Squandered huge days from Thielen and Chark, to name a couple. We’ll try and get them next week.

Dom (2-3)

Another Rough Week for the Nerfherders. I went up against Watson, the Philly D and Thielen, so that makes me feel a little better, but my team did not show up and couldn’t even muster 100 points. I blame the Rams, as their defense has been nonexistent and Brandin Cooks got knocked the F out, but I need me a bounce back week ASAP.

Lippa (2-3)

I have always been a big Sammy Watkins stan, but you have to know there’s always going to be those weeks each year where he’s active and gets hurt on the first drive and gives you a bagel. Well, this was that week. That damn hammy is at it again. I’m at 2-3, but I have the least amount of points in the league which is quite worrisome. Tight End has been an absolute wasteland for me for the most part as I just can’t find anyone to get me good production from the spot.

Papa G (who refuses to ever send his record, 4-1)

Lost in my main league for the first time this weekend. Very lackluster performance from the troops. Lamar Jackson gave me his first dud performance as well. Oh well, at least Will Fuller 5 put up a massive 54 points for me in my other league. Insanity.

Red (Who also never sends me his record, 1-4)

I have scored more points each week for the last 4 weeks in a row and had my highest scoring week yet. Unfortunately I played the 3rd highest scoring team this week and lost by nearly 30 points. DJ Chark has been my best fantasy pickup in years and his 32 points along with Cooper Kupp’s 22 meant nothing since my opponent had 37 from Matt freaking Ryan, 37 from Michael Thomas, 27 from Josh Jacobs and 14 from his kicker. I’m about ready for The 300s Fantasy WNBA League to start back up…

Mattes (4-1)

I’m just waiting for the inevitable crash and burn, but I am FLYING HIGH right now. Besides last week’s heartbreaker, my team has continued to straight steamroll my competition. I’m currently sitting in first place at 4-1, I’m second in the league in the points overall, and goddamn it feels good. Dalvin and Thielen continue to be an unreal 1-2 RB/WR combo. I didn’t even start Dak this week either (went with Dalton against the Cards instead), and he’s set up with some real cupcake matchups in the coming weeks. Breida also had a monster game, and he’s locked in as one of the league’s best running offense’s key contributors. (Also, how bout that sneaky Auden Tate play as my second FLEX. 😎) Still got Kerryon, Robert Woods, Kelce, and a solid bench as well. Again, I still can’t help having this sinking feeling in my gut, and I’m going against the No. 1 team in the league this week. But for now, WEEEEEE!!!!

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The 300s Reviews the Redskins FedEx Field: A Stadium Worthy of Its Team

Week 5 has come and gone along with Redskins HC Jay Gruden. To be honest, I’m surprised it took this long. The Redskins have been trash for a while now. After winning the division with a 9-7 record back in 2015, they sit at 22-30-1 over the last 3+ seasons and haven’t finished better than 3rd in the NFC East since 2015. Gruden’s firing was even less shocking following the release of this video:

Ha. The ol’ “I’m about to get fired, guess I’ll rip joints and cheat on my wife in public now.” Classic. Way to go, Jay.

Gruden garbage aside, I had the (dis)pleasure of attending this weeks Patriots-Redskins game at FedEx Field. From the moment I first hopped on the metro in Arlington, Virginia, this felt like a home game. Patriots fans were everywhere, and it only felt more packed with nautical blue the closer I got to the stadium. The walk up felt pretty similar to walking to Gillette, considering all the Brady jerseys walking down one long road.

I typically tailgate with my buddies at the Seasonal about a mile from Gillette, so I don’t really know what the actual stadium tailgates are like. That having been said, I was not impressed with the Redskins parking lot scene. There were plenty of Skins fans grilling, but there was a ton of empty space in the lots and barely any sense of the pregame atmosphere that makes tailgating fun. However, there was this guy:

The stadium itself felt like a relic; an ancient gridiron from the days of the leatherheads. Turns out, the place was built in… 1997! I couldn’t believe it. For only 22 years old, I couldn’t believe how worn the place felt. The entrance was also confusing, and didn’t make clear where you were supposed to go until you had already gone in the wrong direction. There were huge beams obstructing views all throughout the 200s, completely blocking off any view of the sky as well as entire 15 yard chunks of field.

That kind of thing is permissible at Fenway because it was built over 100 years ago, before stadium planning and design was a thing. But to build something at the end of the 90’s when your team itself is 60+ years old is downright embarrassing. Although I suppose that’s what happens when you’re owned by Dan Snyder and your team name is the R-words.

If you do decide to go to a Redskins game at FedEx Field, wait until the absolute last minute to buy your tickets. My buddy and I literally bought our tickets as we were walking into the stadium from the tailgate, and paid $120 for seats at the 35 yard line.

Granted, our original seats were obstructed, but there were enough empty seats that we could move around and find a few empty seats here and there. We could’ve bought tickets in the 100’s at the corner of each end-zone for a similar price, or in the 300’s for $70-80. If you buy more than a week out, you’re looking at $180 minimum for seats way up in the 400s. At the end of the day, I would probably go back, but I wouldn’t spend more than $100 and I’d avoid the 200’s unless it’s in the first 10 rows.


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The Patriots Are Releasing Ben Watson

After serving his 4 game PED suspension, the Patriots opted not to activate Ben Watson before their game against the Washington R-Words this past week so that was odd. The Pats then had until 4 pm Monday to activate Watson or he would become a free agent and they opted to not activate him. Granted the Pats did pull Watson out of retirement to join the team so maybe he’s just not ready to go? This team is so thin at Tight End though I can’t imagine they wouldn’t welcome a 14-year veteran at a position of need.

Some people are speculating this could be the end, but Watson sure doesn’t sound like a guy thats ready to walk away.

By cutting Watson though the Pats save nearly $2 million in cap space so I think this means they have got to be in on a trade. Why else make the move? You’ve got three weeks until the trade deadline on Oct. 29th and the Pats were really close up against the cap already. They’ve been rumored to be in on everyone from Emmanuel Sanders (going on 6 years now) to Stefon Diggs, Trent Williams, Tyler Eifert, and even guys like AJ Green. I don’t have my calculator out, but I believe Sanders and Eifert are the only ones they could fit without having to restructure contracts so those are the only two I’m seriously looking at.

Welp, Ben Watson we hardly knew ye. Its truly the end of an era at the Tight End position in Foxborough.

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