The 300s Bloggers’ Is Nathan Peterman Elite? Fantasy Football Round Up – Week 6

Welcome back. Let’s first address today’s dedication.

I liked Nathan Peterman coming out of school. Prototypically sized, decent-armed QB from a blue collar school like Pitt. Thought he could be a good spot starter in the NFL, maybe even mold himself into a late blooming starting QB. So far I have been drastically wrong. Not in my evaluation of his talents, no. Take a look at the TD he threw Sunday. Absolute seed. No, the problem with Peterman is he cannot get out of his own way to save his life. If he just “regular sucked”, for lack of better terminology, I think analysts and fans alike would say he has potential. Instead, he throws a stupefying number of pick 6’s. It’s almost a constant at this point. He could go 10-21/200/1 and people would say, “you know what, kid might have something.” But noooope, not Nate, he prefers the 10/21/200/2/4 pick 6’s. Like what the fuck man. JUST STOP IT.

Any way here’s the round up.

Big Z

A play in three acts.

Me with 106 points Sunday at 4.

Me with 111 points and a 17 point lead after Sunday night.

Me after the two-minute warning of the Monday night game when Aaron Rodgers and my undefeated opponent pulled ahead of me for the win.

No bad beats or bad plays this week that will have the league office questioning my competence to run a fantasy football franchise. Just a tough loss to a great team. We’re on to Week 7.

Papa Giorgi

3-0 for the first time since week 1! I’ve never felt more alive. Yeah, my real life QB Josh Allen is dead and the never ending Nathan Peterman experiment rolls on, but at least i’m on my way to making some money. Aaron Rodgers played like an angel last night and I was able to steal the W thanks to a last minute game winning kick by Mason Crosby.

Joey B

Everyone from LA to Boston said Matt Breida wasn’t going to play, so I, much like Mattes and the rest of the “Why The Fuck Did I Pick Jordan Howard” Club, tried to get cute. I took a flier on Alfred Morris for the week. Welp, Breida and some absolute NO NAME played and Morris did not get A. Single. Carry. I got beat. 3-3. I’m not having fun anymore.


So after ripping on Eli Manning all week long for never really being an elite quarterback outside of two hot streaks in years that shant be named, I went against all of my better judgement and started him in fantasy anyways. I was in a bind as my QB was on a bye so it was either Eli, Bortles or Danold. Welp, Eli promptly shit the bed, didn’t throw a touchdown and finished with 11 points. And I STILL WON, mainly because the other guy started the other bum on the waiver wire in Bortles.


So, I started Amari Cooper again… I’m now 1-5. I also invested a lot in guys like Jordan Howard, Carlos Hyde, and Keelan Cole. It’s just not working out this year, but at least I traded Antonio Brown for an extra second-round pick next year. This year’s squad is absolute hot garbage, though.

Fortunately, I’m 4-2 in my other league after my opponent started TWO guys who were announced as inactives just before game time. That’s why you always gotta pay attention right up to kickoff, folks. I’ll take the gift, though, and I got both Ingram and Thomas coming back from a bye this week. (Also, how about Sony Michel??!! Kid’s a beasttttt.)


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BREAKING: Red Has Never Seen “Braveheart”

What. In the actual. Fuck. I learned this ten minutes ago and am still astounded. How does this slip through the cracks. Even if a buddy or Dad/Uncle/Brother/Cousin never sits you down to watch it, “Braveheart” is internationally and ubiquitously revered and is on cable constantly.

Now I’ve seen a bunch of these revelations on Twitter, etc. recently and to be honest I don’t believe all of them. I’d say these admissions are 50% real and 50% for shock value. However, important to the story, is that Red is not a troll. Just doesn’t have it in him. When he is participating in any kind of sarcasm, it is laid on thick and generally with a generous amount of malice. It is also usually aimed at yours truly. So we should assume that our fearless leader has indeed never seen the 1994 classic starring and directed by top notch star and raging anti-semite Mel Gibson.

Not entirely sure where to go from here. I’ll probably just throw invites on his calendar for every Saturday afternoon until he finally breaks down and watches it. I just know that as we are driven towards the precipice of 30, time is running out to right this wrong.


-Joey B

P.S – Big Z, I need to speak with you.

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John Karalis and I Previewed the 2018-19 Boston Celtics Season on The 300s Podcast

The Boston Celtics 2018-19 season FINALLY kicks off tonight as they host the Philadelphia 76ers. John Karalis of Reds Army recently joined me on The 300s Podcast and we discussed the Celtics, how they got to where they are today (the infamous Brooklyn Nets trade), how they’re setup for the future, and what we expect to see from them this season.

We’ve got Gordon Hayward healthy and ready to rock after only playing 5 minutes in the green last year. Kyrie Irving is back after late season knee surgery and by all reports seems to be at full strength. Al Horford will set the table for everyone and then of course we have 2nd and third year jumps coming from guys like Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. All flanked by one of the best benches in the league led by Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier.

Vegas has the over/under for the Celtics season win total at anywhere from 58.5 to 59.5. Can this Celtics team win 60 games? I don’t know just because this starting core has so rarely played together with all of the injuries, but if they can click early on then it’s entirely possible. They’re also currently coming in at 6/1 odds to win it all.

This season is going to be fun as hell.

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I LOVE This Quote From Rick Porcello

“If we don’t get it done, we’re not going to throw another pitch for four months, and everything we did the entire year is over,” Porcello said. “So I’d much rather throw the s— out of my arm now and have it feel s—-y for three months with a ring on my hand then hem and haw about if I’m good to go and sit there feeling good the entire offseason. This is it. This is do or die.”

Talk about a guy who has embraced his role. According to Sports Illustrated, Porcello was a little rattled when called upon in Game 1 of the ALDS, but he’s settled in nicely to the super utility bullpen role made famous by Cleveland’s Andrew Miller.  Whether its emergency middle relief in Game 1 of the ALDS, a Game 4 start or acting as setup man in Game 2 of the ALCS; Porcello is ready to do anything and everything to help the team win.

This is a guy who would have every right to bitch about being used as a bullpen guy after winning the Cy Young just 24 months ago.

But instead you saw a guy that was FIRED UP after shutting down the defending champs in the 8th inning and securing the lead for Craig Kimbrel. This team has been criticized the better part of two years for being devoid of emotion and leadership so this was a welcome sight. Doesn’t matter if it’s the 1st inning or the 8th, Porcello is screaming like a psycho regardless and is ready to ball.

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The 300s Store is Now Open So Buy All the Swag You’ve Been Saving For

So as you may have noticed, The 300s shop on Facebook is no more as they are now requiring more and more verifications and tax info. Facebook is tripling down on proving people are who they say they are after the whole “Russia influenced the US Presidential election” scandal. Fair enough. But we just don’t have what they’re looking for, so I have outsourced our swag department to another vendor and am happy to announce that The 300s Store is now open once again on Etsy!

So whether you’re looking for The 300s snapback, as seen on the Red Zone channel;

Our infamous YUCK t-shirt;

Or one of our glorious Rene t-shirts to kick off the hockey season;

Buy em all now!

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Patriots Chiefs Postgame Thoughts and Quick-Hitters

Image result for patriots chiefs

The Patriots remain in a first-place tie with the Miami Dolphins atop the AFC East after beating the Kansas City Chiefs in an intense battle on Sunday night. What a helluva a game it was, too. It truly was a blast from start to finish.

While I may have been off by 10 points on each side, I still pretty much nailed the game script in my preview last week – I said the Pats would win 33-30 on a late field goal; the Pats won 43-40 on a last-second field goal – and nobody should’ve been shocked by the sheer show of offensive force by either side last night.

As Belichick always says, the game wasn’t perfect and there are still some things to work on, but overall I think Pats Nation can feel pretty good about the team’s Week 6 victory. Here are a few other quick takeaways from the game to check out before you get your week started.

Josh Gordon Officially Unleashed

New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon, center, runs after catching a pass, as Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Orlando Scandrick (22) and defensive end Allen Bailey (97) defend during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

Looking purely at his stat line – five receptions for 42 yards and no scores – you might think using the term “unleashed” is a bit over the top. But when you consider the fact that he led the team with nine targets and played on 81 percent of the team’s snaps, I think it’s safe to say the training wheels have definitely been removed. (As relayed by Fantasy Pros, he also led the team in routes run [35], target share [26%], and air yards share [29%]. The guy could actually be on the verge of EXPLODING.) For someone who many assumed to be a bit volatile between the ears, there should be no doubt about his football I.Q., as he has learned the playbook very quickly and has been receiving quite the praise from teammates and coaches alike. While he’ll continue to have a lot of competition for targets all season long, he’s obviously going to be a big part of this offense moving forward and has pacified any and all fears of him “not fitting in.” This move could turn out to be an absolute steal by the Pats. #FlashGordon

Sony Michel Continues to Impress

Image result for sony michel chiefs

The rookie kept on rolling last night, rushing for over 100 yards for the second time in the past three games – in the other game he finished just short of the century mark, with 98 yards – and he is now averaging a healthy 4.4 yards per carry on the season. He was also able to punch the ball in twice on the goal line and picked up some very tough ground in other short-yardage situations, including a big conversion on 3rd-and-1 with just under two minutes to go in the game. In fact, both Brady and Belichick mentioned Michel’s short-yardage prowess in their post-game pressers, with both also alluding to the fact that the team’s previous struggles in this area were a big reason why they lost to Kansas City in last year’s season-opener. Michel, while not nearly as big, is the team’s best power back since LeGarrette Blount, and he runs with a beautiful combination of violence and agility. As long as those balky knees hold up, we might have a freakin’ stud in this kid.

I See You, Pass-Rush

Image result for trey flowers chiefs

A week ago, I wrote a piece sounding the alarm on the Patriots pass-rush, basically saying there wasn’t one and that we should maybe start worrying about the boys up front on D. However, even though the team finished with no sacks and just three QB hits on Sunday night, much of that had to do with Patrick Mahomes’s mobility and elusiveness, and it was hard not to notice the improved pressure the team was creating. Adrian Clayborn particularly looked great, bull-rushing his way into the backfield on what seemed like every play, especially early on. Trey Flowers had a solid game as well, finishing with a QB hit and seven total tackles, including one for a loss. Besides a few big plays – and I mean BIG plays in which the Chiefs gained a lot of yards – I thought the defense was actually a positive overall last night (yes, even after allowing 40 points).

So, again, there’s certainly a lot to be happy about from Sunday night, and the Pats proved that they’re at least still one of the AFC’s top contenders, if not the entire NFL. Next up is a matchup with the 3-2 Chicago Bears next Sunday at Soldier Field, and as always be sure to check back in with The 300s on Thursday for the game preview.

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Sunday Night Was the Definition of First World Problems for Boston Fans

When I was in Buffalo last week I half kidding, but half seriously complained to the surrounding Bills fans about how many night games the Patriots are forced to play only to be met by mocking groans.

Yes, only the best of the best consistently play primetime games, but I am also completely and utterly washed so staying up until midnight on a Sunday night is a feat of strength in itself.

If not for pure and unadulterated content like this I never would have made it:

The Red Sox won Game 2 of the ALCS and David Price did not completely implode last night, which was moderately encouraging to see. He did not however pitch all that well and left the game in the 4th inning so he technically was not eligible for his first postseason win. Leaving the game after 4 2/3 IP having given up 4 runs with 2 men on, Price was greeted to a standing ovation by the Fenway faithful. I’m sorry, but the people have gone soft. After Price gave up a 2-run HR moonshot to Marwin Gonzalez in the 3rd inning I honestly just felt bad for the guy. He wasn’t pitching well, he keeps stumbling in the playoffs, and just looks like he wants to go home. So it is with no malice in my heart when I say this, but a standing ovation for 4.2 IP and 4 earned runs? Ridiculous.

Now the real shame of last night was while the Red Sox were slugging it out for American League supremacy, the Patriots were playing one of the most hyped games of the season against the electric Kansas City Chiefs and I was physically unable to watch both. I was far too lazy to drag out a second TV and reorganize all the cable boxes for 3 hours of entertainment. That would have meant having to rearrange everything afterwards. Pass.

So I was just flipping back and forth and was able to watch the last 3 minutes of the Pats game as they showed why they are the modern day dynasty with a crazy last second comeback. However, I woke up this morning with an excruciating pang of FOMO. Patriots 43 Chiefs 40 with a game winning field goal as time expired. And I watched about 10 minutes of the entire thing. Now I have to try and track down one of those 2 hour reruns of the game on NFL Network or something so I can feel whole again.

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