Patriots Sign Julian Edelman to Two Year Contract Extension

ESPN – The New England Patriots have signed star receiver Julian Edelman to a two-year contract extension that includes an $8 million signing bonus and $12 million in guaranteed money, a source told ESPN on Tuesday.

The extension through the 2021 season includes $19 million in “new” money, and gives the 32-year-old Edelman, the MVP of Super Bowl LIII, a chance to finish his career where it started.

The Patriots just locked up their No. 1 wide receiver and local cult hero Julian Edelman with a two year extension, which will kick in next year and secure JE11 through 2021. This is a move the Pats kind of had to do after trying everything from drafting athletic freaks like N’Keal Harry in the 1st round for the first time in Belichick’s New England tenure to taking flyers on veterans coming off injuries like Demaryius Thomas. The Pats have been plugging the holes in their receiving core with bubblegum and duct tape so it only made sense to lock up their top receiver.

However, this contract looks to me more like a deal to reward Edelman financially more so than a longterm guarantee. Just look at how its structured: $12 million guaranteed for 2 years with an $8 million signing bonus. Granted I wouldn’t expect the Pats to cut Edelman with a year left on his deal if he’s healthy and productive, a cap hit of just $4M gives them the flexibility to do so while also rewarding their best receiver of the past decade with a nice raise.

Edelman has been on an absolute steal of a contract and was due to make just $2 Million in base salary this year with incentives that could bump that up another few hundred grand. So its well deserved. Normally handing out extensions to 32-year-old receivers with ACL surgeries on their resume isn’t the best business plan, but Edelman ain’t your average receiver. As you all remember, in the first season back from his ACL surgery Edelman caught 74 balls for 850 yards and 6 touchdowns (in 12 games) and oh ya know also won Super Bowl MVP. The only guy ahead of him in playoff receptions is Jerry Rice. Thats it.

Plus have you *seen* him recently?

Here’s to you bub, you earned it.

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The Pats Might Be Going After Kyle Rudolph

This is the two-sided coin of being a Pats fan in a nutshell. It is stressful watching Belichick avoid any big splashes in the early days of free agency. We bite our nails as contributor after contributor is snatched up on contracts ranging from “way too much” to “that makes sense why the fuck are we staying put?” The doubt, whether we want to admit it or not, begins to creep in about next year and concerns starts to swirl around the holes in our roster.

Then, slowly but surely, things, start to turn around. Like a time lapse of a flower blooming. The front office make a smaller move or two, like the Austin Sefarian-Jenkins pick up earlier this spring. Then the draft comes and the team makes a number of solid picks, including a few selections of unspectacular but ready-now players that can immediately contribute and fill a hole or two that glared at us back in March (K’Neal Harry, who actually is spectacular but is also ready-now, Chase Winovich).

Things slowly come into focus, for the 866th time in a row you realize that Belichick and Nicky Twoguns have had a plan all along. And then the next few, significant moves are made and you can’t even read a story about OTAs without standing and screaming “let’s gooooo”. And that is what being a Patriots fan is.

First we signed Dontrelle Inman, a Brandon LaFell-contribution level type of receiver that should immediately be in the mix for the rights to be one of TB12’s top options. We signed the controversial but talented DT Mike Pennel. Then we resigned Danny Shelton, who had an up and down season last year but if nothing else STILL has loads of potential and can give you a number of good snaps per game at DT. And now, as continue to try and plug a Gronk-sized hole at TE, it looks like we’re chasing the very “gettable” Kyle Rudolph. Who knows if we’ll close this deal and if so, there are questions surrounding what the 29 year old Rudolph can contribute at this point. Regardless, this is Belichick chess at its best. Find some pieces, put them on the board, see how they can move, and either keep them on and cultivate a strategy using them or cut them. Simple as that. Do it slowly, do it wisely, do it without losing you shirt. Who knows, you might get six Super Bowls out of out.

I for one believe Rudolph can still give you about 500/5 from the TE position. He is also a solid blocker and a good guy to have in the locker room. I can’t imagine adding him can hurt. It’s possible the only thing in this trade’s way is the Vikings foreseeing playing us, and Rudolph, in the Big Game some time soon. But lets assume Belichick lands him or a similar tight end in the next few weeks. It would be just the latest example of a master class in roster building. They should teach it at West Point. Army Assembling By The Greats.

Might get LIV tattooed tomorrow.

-Joey B.


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Godspeed, Koji Uehara

So unbeknownst to probably anyone Koji was still an active player until yesterday. He is 44 and didn’t come to the bigs until he was 34 after a 10 year career in Japan.

He is most known for his 2013 run with the Sox when he was the polar opposite of Craig Kimbrel and others we’ve had tasked with recording our final three outs. He was unflappable, reliable, and most of all, giddy as all hell as he posted a 1.61 era as our closer that year.

So happy trails, o ye of the many high 5s. Thanks, in no small part, for the ring.

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God I Love Watching the Lakers Implode Before My Very Eyes

ESPN – Using the word “betrayal,” Magic Johnson made it clear that general manager Rob Pelinka was the one “backstabbing” him, telling people that he wasn’t working hard and wanting to take his job with the Los Angeles Lakers.

In an appearance on First Take on Monday morning, Johnson did not hold back, identifying Pelinka as the person he was alluding to when he mentioned that he was tired of the “backstabbing” and “the whispering” that was going on behind his back when he suddenly stepped down as Lakers president of basketball operations on April 9.

You know what they say about dirty laundry? Something about not airing it out in public? Yea, Magic doesn’t have time for your anecdotes about dirty clothes because he is here to firebomb the entire Lakers organization and all who have wronged him. And I am here for it.

“I start hearing, ‘Magic, you are not working hard enough. Magic’s not in the office,'” Johnson told First Take. “People around the Lakers office were telling me Rob was saying things, Rob Pelinka, and I didn’t like those things being said behind my back, that I wasn’t in the office enough.”

Johnson later added when asked who betrayed him in the Lakers organization: “If you are going to talk betrayal, it’s only with Rob.”

Is Rob Pelinka probably a snake behind the scenes? It would certainly seem so. Regardless of the situation it says more about you than it does anyone else if you’re going around the organization trying to play office politics and get your own boss fired like your Littlefinger. I guarantee you that Magic did not take his role as President of the Lakers seriously either though so its more of a pot meet kettle situation here. However, for Magic to just go out and dust everyone he worked with shows a laugh out loud lack of either self awareness or he just straight up doesn’t care.

The Lakers are a shit show and if you disagree just look at this quote from Magic about who is running what out in La La Land.

“[Tim Harris] is supposed to run Lakers business but he was trying to come over to our side,” Johnson said. “Have everybody who has a role with the Lakers, stay in that role. OK, Tim Harris, you’re the president of business, stay over there in business. Jesse and Joey [Buss], hey, you’re the general manager assistant to Rob. Joey, you run the G League team. Then do that and do it well. Once you show you can drive excellence, now maybe you can move to another department. But right now, everybody has a voice.”

Johnson said that Jeanie Buss is listening to those closest to her, including longtime friend and Lakers executive director/special projects Linda Rambis and former Lakers head coach and her ex-fiancé, Phil Jackson.

So we’ve got Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka, Tim Harris, Jesse Buss, Joey Buss, Linda Rambis, and Phil Jackson all giving their two cents on what the Lakers should be doing.

Fuck. That.

For as dumb as Magic sounds at times…

…I don’t blame him for quitting. He basically had become Peter in Office Space.

“Thats my only real motivation is not to be hassled. That and the fear of losing my job, but you know Bob, that’ll only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired.” – Peter Gibbons
-Magic Johnson

Johnson was asked to name his top free agent. He laughed that he doesn’t have to worry about tampering anymore and can say whatever he wants.

Be honest, does this look like a guy who should have ever been put in charge of one of the most valuable franchises in the world in the first place?

Skip to :24


PS – Lavar Ball continues to be the Three Eyed Raven of the NBA.

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We Finally Have Our First Trailer for Westworld Season 3

As soon as I saw my guy Aaron Paul on the screen I shouted WESTWORLD at my TV because I’ve been waiting for this. Adding an actor like him to a show at a crossroads like Westworld currently sits is huge. Westworld ended an up and down Season 2 with a peak at what could happen with the hosts making their way into the real world. It seems like they’ve fully integrated and/or taken over the real world in a terrifying way. As Aaaron Paul says he’s just searching for something real, which could bring Westworld into a suddenly much more relatable show. This could potentially transition Westworld from a pure sci-fi show about robots into a more literal commentary on a dystopian future.

Oh and we get Kid Cudi in something other than “How to Make It In America” so thats exciting.

I am all in from the looks of this trailer.

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Could Kendrick Perkins Return to the Celtics as a Coach?

I first heard this rumor the other morning on 98.5 and I believe CelticsLife was the originator of this theory. With the disaster that was this past Celtics season they are obviously in need of some changes, both on and off the court. What was the one thing the Celtics lacked this year, aside from wins? Grit and Balls. This could all be #fakenews but hear me out for a second.

Would the Celtics consider bringing back Kendrick Perkins as an assistant coach?

Perkins has been extremely critical of the Celtics and their issues, yet all while sounding eerily like an assistant coach on the bench.

Perk has also been making the rounds on TV and radio more recently as he breaks down what he sees as the biggest problems on this Boston team. Hint hint: not a fan of Kyrie playing hero ball.

This sounds like a guy who wants to be on a bench somewhere imparting wisdom to younger players. I mean just look at this article from nearly two years ago about how Perk is “destined” to be a coach.

It makes a ton of sense. There was really no one to tell Kyrie Irving to stop acting like a dickhead because he was surrounded by Horford (quiet, lead by example type), Hayward ($30M bench player), a bunch of young guys, and mild mannered Brad Stevens. On one hand I think its a total crock of shit to say you *need* a coach who has played in the NBA to be successful, but on the other hand perception is reality. If players don’t respect the coach then it doesn’t matter how good of a coach he is. So while Brad may be the best X’s and O’s coach in the league, if Kyrie is tuning him out it doesn’t matter. Well, what if Kendrick Perkins is there to provide that street cred? A guy who played FOURTEEN seasons in the league and is a scary sonofabitch to boot. You think Kyrie, or Tatum, or anyone is going to ignore this guy??

Not to mention, there is suddenly an opening on Brad Stevens’ coaching staff.

Lending more credibility to the rumor is the fact that Perk recently pulled out of the BIG3 League, just a couple of weeks after rosters were officially announced, which I blogged about extensively.

Hmmm. The connection to the C’s is still there with Perk; enough that he actually reached out to Danny Ainge last season about returning as a player for the stretch run, before ultimately retiring. Here’s what I wrote back in November:

I LOVE Perk, but we all saw him last year with Cleveland in a suit. The guy would make a phenomenal coach or more likely a corrections officer, but we all understand his playing days are over…If Kendrick Perkins was born 20 years earlier he might be in the Hall of Fame today. I’m not joking. The guy was straight out of the 1980’s NBA. Bill Laimbeer would have been throwing hands with Perk twice a season. He was just an absolute force in the paint; a real old school bully. And that was exactly what the Celtics needed in 2007. A bodyguard for Rondo, a No. 2 to KG’s crazy, a guy willing to do the dirty work while the Big 3 handled all the scoring. He was the perfect fit for that team and both teammates and fans alike adored him.

So while there has been absolutely zero indication from the Celtics, Danny, Wyc, or even Perk himself about this move actually happening, it’s one that I would be completely on board with. The Celtics have lacked a scary strong veteran voice of leadership in the locker room for a long time and I think Perk could bring some Grit and Balls back to this team.

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Thursday Morning Good Ol’ Fashion Blog Soup

There’s a lot going on in the world of #sports and #entertainment that we can discuss here for #content but that I can’t really draw out into a full blog. So let’s fuck around and touch a lot of bases, shall we?

-A few really interesting fights have been announced lately that I never blogged (woooops).

Nate Diaz returns to fight Anthony Pettis at UFC 241 in August. Hooo baby. That is going to be something. They’ll duel at 170lbs, where Pettis recently arrived and found success, knocking out Stephen Thompson. I’d prefer to see Diaz stick to 155 as his run wayyyy back in the day at 170 didn’t go so well and  he simply lacks the strength and power to deal with the bigger and stronger fighters of the welterweight division. On top of that, I still think both are contenders at 155 when they have their heads on straight. And when Nate, you know, fights. As for the match up, if Diaz can set an early pace moving forward, Pettis will likely wilt moving backward as he always has. Likewise if “Showtime” can find a rhythm with his kicks and movement early, it could be a long night for Nate. An x-factor could be if Diaz calls on what happened in his first fight with Conor McGregor and gets the fight to the ground. Pettis is no slouch in the submission department but he’s not a 209 black belt.

Secondly, it would appear Khabib and Dustin Poirier are going to unify the 155lb strap at UFC 242 in Dubai. The card would kick off at 2:00pm EST so it is a PRIME day drinking event. Khabib, in my opinion, is going to maul anyone he faces but at this point in his career you can never count Poirier out, so looking forward to this one.

-Let’s leave MMA town now. I posted something to Facespace about this last night but I’ll leave it here as well. “Game Of Thrones” is the best TV of our lifetime. A true spectacle and something that if I was a douchie Hollywood-type I’d refer to as an achievement. So just because this season hasn’t gone according to YOUR plan and just because there are plot holes that YOU don’t like because they need to wrap the show up, it doesn’t change the fact that there won’t be anything like this ever again and it is still fantastic. It also doesn’t make you cool to publicly scream that opinion off a rooftop.

(O and if you’re trying to turn Khaleesi’s rampage into some sort of anti-feminist slight, please seek some fucking help. Where were you when Cersei did the same fuckin thing?)

-Red and I, once accompanied by Papa G, have kicked off the 2019 golf season, thus far with mixed results. Papa G actually hit the longest tee ball these eyes have ever seen. Not in any sort of productive direction but man I’ll tell ya, it was a bomb. I actually could see all of us making a little leap in ability this year if we keep playing consistently. Either way nice to be out there considering it’s usually been 45 and rainy for the past three months.

Mattes wrote a great blog on the Jamie Collins signing so go there for a full breakdown. My only divergence from what he wrote is that I’m seeing a few #footballguys note that data points to Van Noy being more productive in our defense than Collins was. Collins just had more flashy plays and pure, visual athleticism. Still, I still love the signing and whenever you can sign a Jamie Collins it is going to make your defense better. As a matter of fact I think the Pats’ LB corps is now sneaky-stacked with Collins, Van Noy, Hightower, forgotten stud Ja’Whaun Bentley, and Roberts.

-I posed this to Red yesterday and I don’t think he’s feeling it but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if the B’s didn’t sweep tonight because they’ve been the only reason I’ve been leaving my house on Saturdays. Having to regress to going out and then socialize would be miserable at this point. So as much as I’m rooting for a B’s victory, it wouldn’t crush me if they didn’t get it.

-The Celtics find themselves in the lottery despite getting to the second round this year. Shouts to Danny Ainge for being able to get us picks but not banners. Pretty cool bud. Anyway there will be a few guys floating around at 14 we could snag and I’m sure someone here will get into it in depth. Looking at the board KZ Okpala from Stanford has an ever improving shot at 6’8 and, if he falls into our lap, Rui Hachimura (Zags) would bring a great skill-set into our locker room and through the season before we bow out before the ECF again.

-I guess some survey came out and the Boston accent won sexiest in America. I’ve lived here 99.9% of my life (2 short stints in Jersey) and I can honestly tell you that if someone comes at me with a hard Boston accent I assume they can’t read. To be honest I think it’s because a lot of people my age fake it to sound hard and if you fake an accent to sound cool or hard you probably are indeed illiterate. Bad beat.

-Lastly, John Wick 3 comes out soon/came out (I don’t fuckin know bro) and LET’SSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I’m a noted avoider of most pure action, boom boom bang pow movies but I love John Wick. It’s Keanu as Bourne pretty much. What’s not to like?


I’ll be introducing a new weekly/bi-weekly feature tomorrow that I’ve had brewing for awhile so we’ll see how that goes. We only have a couple more until the weekend, folks.

-Joey B

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