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ESPN Asks Who Are the Best QBs in Patriots History? Hmm

ESPN asked the question of who are the 5 greatest Patriots QBs of all time? Let me stop you right there ESPN. Tom Brady.  Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Tom Brady. Because I spit hot fire. But, seriously why is this … Continue reading

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Adrian Peterson Risking His Life to Cultivate Mass

Yahoo – Adrian Peterson makes his living crashing into defensive linemen and linebackers, so he probably has a good grasp on what is good or bad for his health. Still, the admission that he’s ate so much seafood after signing … Continue reading

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Gronk Goes On An All-Time Bender, Rings Up $100K Bar Tab

I feel like the word “epic” is thrown around a little too cavalierly these days. Getting black out in Faneuil Hall and then getting drunk pizza is not epic, Jimmy. BUT, ringing up a tab that tops SIX FIGURES definitely … Continue reading

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Vince Young Cut from CFL Team Probably Ends Football Career

Yahoo – Vince Young deserved credit for doing whatever it took to get back into football. In his case, it was a trip to the Canadian Football League. However, Young’s body betrayed him. According to the Houston Chronicle, Young’s agent … Continue reading

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I’m Ready for some Football

ABC News – Hank Williams Jr. will be bringing his rowdy friends back to ESPN on Monday nights this fall. Williams will debut a new version of “All My Rowdy Friends,” featuring its “Are you ready for some football?” catchphrase, … Continue reading

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Tom Brady to Grace the Cover of Madden 2018 at 40 Years Old

Alright now…how to react to this news? A younger version of myself would freak out at the prospect of my franchise quarterback appearing on the cover of Madden because dudes used to routinely get injured after landing the cover. But … Continue reading

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Happy Prince Day

KARE 11 – Gov. Mark Dayton has declared Friday as “Prince Day” across Minnesota to honor the legacy of the homegrown music legend, who died April 21st of last year of an accidental painkiller overdose. I won’t lie, I was … Continue reading

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