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Patriots Rumored to Be Playing Mexico City Game in 2017

ESPN -“Just one week after the NFL returned to Mexico City for the first time in over a decade, there are already reports suggesting a new contest for the 2017 season. The New England Patriots would face the Oakland Raiders at … Continue reading

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A Phenomenon was Born Last Night: #AscotWatch

So in watching Monday Night Football this season something keeps jumping out at me every single week and that is Charles Woodson and his consistently glorious ascot. The man does not rest. New week? New ascot. Last night a golden … Continue reading

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I Know It’s Not a Popular Opinion Right Now But I Still Love Kevin James

I know its not a popular opinion these days with his new garbage Netflix assassin spoof movie and shows like Toucher and Rich skewering his predictably terrible new sitcom Kevin Can Wait…but I still love Kevin James. It’s just too … Continue reading

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Grit and Balls Win from the Patriots

To quote my man Kevin Garnett, that was a pure Grit and Balls win from the Patriots tonight. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t pretty. But it got the job done. Sure did the defense look like dog shit? Did Tom Brady … Continue reading

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Red Sox Brass Must Enjoy Watching All the Former Red Sox Dominate MLB Awards

With Terry Francona wining AL Manager of the Year yesterday it got me thinking. Francona was manager of the year and was in the World Series, now Jon Lester could very easily win the NL Cy Young tonight to go along with … Continue reading

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Shopping for Fantasy Football Sleepers in Week 11 is a Disaster Scenario

Shopping for fantasy football sleepers in Week 11 is like going to the grocery store before a big storm is about to hit. The only thing left is garbage that even poor people don’t want. (Shout out to my RB1 … Continue reading

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Richard Sherman Already Complaining Refs Protect Tom Brady Too Much

CSNNE – “They’ve got several rules to protect him in various situations so you’ve got to be careful with how you sack him.” Here we go again, Richard Sherman firing up the hype machine and making pre-emptive excuses. Look the … Continue reading

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