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I Would Like to Apologize to Cole Beasley for Sleeping On His Rap Album Because It BANGS

I personally would like to apologize to Cole Beasley for sleeping on his debut rap album until just now because I heard it for the first time today and it BANGS.

Released last month, “The Autobiography”, popped up on my Spotify this morning while I was at the gym (no big deal) and I found myself jamming along before saying who the hell is this? Color me shocked to look down at my phone and see its none other than Dallas wide receiver Cole Beasley.

Any time an athlete releases an album I immediately think of Willie Beamen’s failed rap career. We’ve seen so many garbage musical endeavors from athletes over the years from guys like Deion Sanders, Shaq, more recently Lonzo Ball and lets not even mention Bernie Williams’ acoustic album.

But theres a few nuggets in there, hell even John Cena had a couple hits that get played to this day. Seriously, his song “My Time is Now” is featured in the new Toyota Camry commercial.

I can’t say I expected the white slot receiver from the Cowboys to put out such heat, but I should have known better with Cole Beasley. This is the guy who lives for roasting fools on Twitter.

The dude can spit, theres no denying it. He raps a lot about his money, but not in the way you’d expect. He talks about how he doesn’t have a flashy chain because he’s got his money put away for his kids’ college funds. He’s got a song about white stereotypes when it comes to rap, but more importantly how it relates to football. How he’s described as “deceptively athletic” where he says he’d probably just be “athletic” if he was black.

Most importantly, this album has got legit beats and you can tell theres solid production value there. The guys a millionaire so I’m glad he didn’t make it in GarageBand. You can tell its not just a side project for the guy, he wants to be respected as more than just a football player. I gotta say, this is a pretty good rap album. Its not J. Cole’s KOD by any means, but there’s plenty of white space (no pun intended) to be filled in the rap scene today and believe it or not Cole Beasley’s album deserves a listen.

Check it out on Spotify.

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