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The 300s Store is Now Open So Buy All the Swag You’ve Been Saving For

So as you may have noticed, The 300s shop on Facebook is no more as they are now requiring more and more verifications and tax info. Facebook is tripling down on proving people are who they say they are after … Continue reading

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The 300s Made Its Debut on National TV Today

Sort of. My man @Jimmy2Lips repping The 300s snapback on live TV this morning making his fantasy picks on the Red Zone Channel. The expert #FantasyZone research team is here with their Week 6 sleepers! — Red Zone Channel … Continue reading

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David Price Continues Good Will Tour, Rips 69-Year-Old Red Sox Reporter Jonny Miller

Just to set up this blog, I’m not going to bury the lede (thats a Big J Journalism term) so you can see what David Price has been up to lately. David Price is doing that thing again during interviews. … Continue reading

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New Batch of The 300s Hats Are In, Get Em While You Still Can!

The second batch of The 300s hats just arrived after the first box sold out faster than we expected. Grab yours today!  

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Merchhhh: The 300s First Official Hat

This was a *bit* more complicated than I had originally thought. We tried fabric glue, we tried stitching, we tried outsourcing, we tried it all. We figured it out though and now the hat of the summer is officially available! … Continue reading

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The 300s Hat is Now Available for Pre-Order

Style is what you choose. We just finished the design of our first hat and are now accepting pre-orders! Comment below if interested and we’ll update you when the hats are available.

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Introducing the First Bruins T-Shirt from The 300s. BUY! BUY! BUY!

We needed a Bruins shirt and I’m not looking to just print any old shirt so this one took a while in the think tank, but it. is. here. This Bruins t-shirt is fresh as lettuce and is a must … Continue reading

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