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Guerin Austin Could Learn a Thing or Two from this Red Sox Sideline Reporter

So as is tradition here at The 300s, I enjoy giving Red Sox sideline reporter Guerin Austin shit because every single time there’s a victorious Gatorade bath she gets SOAKED. Every. Single. Time. Smiles right through the pain too. Ho … Continue reading

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Hanley Ramirez Was HUNTING Guerin Austin After Red Sox Win

So Brian Johnson threw a complete game shutout in his Fenway debut, the first pitcher to do that since a guy named Pedro Martinez. Anyways, BJ got the customary Gatorade bath, and per usual Guerin Austin suffered the collateral damage. … Continue reading

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The 300s Reviews: Dunkin Donuts Energy Punch Powered by Monster

First off, before we get into this review, props to Dunkies for actually trying something new for a change. I┬ádon’t know how many more shitty breakfast sandwich variations I can take on different types of old bread. But, back to … Continue reading

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