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REAL TALK: OK, So Maybe the Celtics Aren’t Fine

No, but really: What the hell is going on with this Celtics team? For team that was supposed to dominate the East this season, it’s really disappointing to see them sitting fifth in the conference at 26-18, a measly eight … Continue reading

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The Thunder Are Retiring Nick Collison’s Number….Huh?

NBA.com – The Oklahoma City Thunder announced today that the team will retire Nick Collison’s No. 4 on Wednesday, March 20 when the Thunder hosts the Toronto Raptors at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Six points, five rebounds, one block. If you … Continue reading

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Enes Kanter is My Kind of Guy, Eats Seven Cheeseburgers On His Cheat Day, Leaves Practice with Illness the Next Day

Yahoo – New York Knicks center Enes Kanter is both a large man and an athlete. In order to keep himself in playing shape, Kanter requires more carbs than a normal person could dream up. Normally, his diet likely consists … Continue reading

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The Time Lord Returns and Celtics Win Third Straight

After being out the past six games with a groin injury, the Celts’ beloved rookie did not make much too much noise in his return the court against the Brooklyn Nets on Monday night, finishing with just two points in … Continue reading

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Time Lord Robert Williams Doesn’t Know What Day It is Because Time is Just a Social Construct

Yahoo –  Boston Celtics rookie Robert Williams, sidelined the past five games with a groin injury, offered a refreshingly honest admission about the early days of NBA life. “This might sound funny but I literally don’t know the days of … Continue reading

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LeBron Does Know He Lost to the Warriors 3 Out of 4 Times in the NBA Finals Right? Right??

I give LeBron credit for winning the NBA Finals in 2016 because the current era Golden State Warriors are one of the best teams of all time. But with that being said it took a Draymond Green suspension and one … Continue reading

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James Harden Took 18 Three Pointers Last Night and No One Batted An Eye

Okay, granted he hit half of them, but James Harden took EIGHTEEN threes last night and no one even batted an eye. No one except my man, Chuck. Chuck is NOT a fan of nerds and analytics. @NBAonTNT #NBA #Boston … Continue reading

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