UNC Loses an Absolute Heartbreaker in National Championship


That was an absolutely devastating loss for Michael Jordan and co. Starting with that ill advised, potential scapegoat making, ridiculous 3 pointer that Marcus Paige hit. MJ went through the roof, legit most emotion I’ve seen from that guy since hitting the game winner in Game 6 over the Jazz. Riding high, 4.7 seconds left, let’s just make a stop and play for OT. Except big boy Kris Jenkins had other ideas and drains a 3 for the buzzer beater game winner. Crying Jordan memes for life. Would love to see the Twitter analytics on how many times that was used last night, which still somehow remains funny to me. And let me tell you, I’ve witnessed my alma mater lose a national championship game in person and that shit is brutal. The devastating loss, trying not to murder anyone wearing the other team’s jersey and then the 8 hour drive home. At that point just drive your car into the river and call it. Thoughts and Prayers for MJ.

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