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Tebow Going for Round 2 in New York: Godspeed

Former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow smiles during a work out for baseball scouts and the media during a showcase on the campus of the University of Southern California, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016 in Los Angeles. The Heisman Trophy winner works out for a big gathering of scouts on USC's campus in an attempt to start a career in a sport he hasn't played regularly since high school. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

SB Nation – It’s official: Tim Tebow is a professional baseball player, and he didn’t even have to sign with an independent league team to get there. The Mets made him a member of their organization by announcing a deal on Thursday morning, and Tebow’s next step will be to head to Instructional League in — where else — Florida.

Now I love Tim Tebow, but this guy has got to be suicidal. Signing with a New York team. Again. I know he probably wasn’t fielding a dozen offers, but you would think if you really want to make this work you may want to limit distractions or you know, horribly negative fans chirping you all day. Especially after already playing in NY once for the Jets. And that was an unmitigated disaster.

Maybe he’s a glutton for punishment, or maybe he really does just enjoy the limelight and wanted to be as close to the action as possible. Well, that should wear off after the 5th 9 hour long bus ride. Just watch that Michael Jordan 30 for 30 and you’ll be over it real quick. Best athlete of our generation and he barely hit over the Mendoza line.

Or you could ya know play fullback or something and be playing in the NFL every single week. Won’t switch positions, but I will switch sports. Hey, at least I can add to my collection of Tebow jerseys that I buy at Marshalls for $8 in a few months. Still got the Tebow Patriots shirt in rotation. Collector’s item.

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