Raiders Down to Notoriously Bad Body Language Guy Connor Cook to Start in the Playoffs

CBS SportsBad news: The Raiders are down to No. 3 quarterback Connor Cook, and it looks like he will start in Saturday’s wild-card matchup in Houston…The Raiders, meanwhile, are “moving forward with the expectation” that Cook will be under center this week, according to’s Ian Rapoport because No. 2 quarterback Matt McGloin suffered a shoulder injury in last Sunday’s loss to the Broncos.

Connor Cook, the man of exactly zero NFL starts will be making his first career start in the playoffs this weekend with both David Carr and Matt McGloin out with injuries. If *this* guy:


is making his first start in the NFL playoffs and its the guy you’re depending on, then you are fucked.

I’m a huge body language guy; theres a reason everyone points to Jay Cutler’s shitty attitude and body language. Probably has a direct effect on him being a shitty quarterback. And I don’t care how many TD’s Cook threw in college. This is all I need to see. Just absolutely blowing off the guy handing him the trophy so he can get his shine. Gotta respect the little guys. That’s the move of a dickhead.

Luckily for Cook (who actually played pretty decent against the Broncos) the Raiders are playing the also terrible Texans so who knows maybe he plays decent, but I would not be surprised if he gets smashed. And its really too bad JJ Watt isn’t playing because that guy DESPISES young QBs who are a little too confident.

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