Chiefs Talking Extension with Andy “Time is a Flat Circle” Reid


ESPNThe Kansas City Chiefs will try to extend coach Andy Reid’s contract this offseason, league sources told ESPN on Sunday. Reid, 58, will be entering the final year of his contract next season; teams usually prefer not to have their head coaches, particularly successful ones, head into the last year of their deal.

I know I know, I’m a spoiled Patriots fan. But just because you don’t have the best coach in the league doesn’t mean you have to keep your car in park at 10 wins every year. I mean I guess its hard to argue with Andy Reid’s record with the Chiefs of 43-21, but that doesn’t take into account them routinely getting bounced in the playoffs. With the Chiefs Reid, who is 11-11 for his career in the playoffs, has lost in the 1st round in 2013, missed the playoffs in 2014, losing in the second round in 2015 and then securing the 2 seed for the Chiefs in 2016.

Again not terrible numbers, but numbers don’t tell the whole story. Have the owners ever actually watched a game? The guy seemingly doesn’t realize there is a clock involved in the game of football. Whenever his teams are down they take their time, run down the play clock, usually score but then don’t have enough time to get the ball back so they’ll onside kick it.


Hell I remember my first experience with Andy “Time is a Flat Circle” Reid back in the 2004 Super Bowl. The Pats were leading the Eagles and time was running down so they should be ya know, going no-huddle, or at the very least speed walking to the line. Nah, they take their time, slowly go through their reads and drain the clock. History has destroyed Donovan McNabb for allegedly puking in the huddle and slowing down the team. But to be honest, based on his coaching history since, Reid probably slipped McNabb a mickey because he was going too fast. You can’t rush this man. This is a man who takes his time.


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