Happy (Sports) New Year


The Sports New Year starts today. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. I know the Patriots won the Super Bowl last month, but I believe they were crowned 2016 World Champions after the win. Case closed.

March Madness is the return of good weather and day drinking. It combines two things Americans always need – endless gambling and a cure for our minuscule attention spans. Everyone and their mom does a bracket, and games on four different channels for 12 hours a day for four straight days makes this the ultimate TV tournament.

When this tournament ends, we’ll arrive at baseball opening day. That leads to NBA/NHL playoffs, the dog days of summer, pennant races, the return of football, the World Series and then playoff football to get us through the dead of winter once again.

Last year kicked off with Villanova’s thrilling win in the National Championship game, saw Cleveland win something for the first time in forever, saw the Cubs win a World Series for the first time since World War I and saw the Patriots pull off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. It was a hell of a story.

I can wait for next year, and next year tips off today. Enjoy it.

Categories: Boston, Fantasy, NCAA, TV

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