Bruins Drop Fourth Straight Game; Time to Hit the Panic Button

Are the Bruins really gonna do this again? Are they really gonna collapse down the stretch and miss the playoffs for the THIRD straight year?

Last night was an embarrassment as they legitimately could not hold a lead for more than 2 minutes. Every time they scored, the Lightning scored. Until the Bruins finally stopped scoring and Tampa Bay just kept right on, tuning them up for their 4th straight loss. That is some shitty hockey, amiright Barry?

Now with 8 games left the Bruins have slipped to the second Wild Card spot. They’re 2 points up on the Islanders as they cling to that final spot. And guess who the Bruins are playing tomorrow night? Yup, the Islanders. So if they lose yet again and blow their fifth straight then the free fall will be complete. The Islanders also have 2 games in hand over the Bruins so that’ll be fun to watch over the next two weeks. Look I did not sign up to do math equations and statistical probability. If I wanted to pretend to do math, I’d go back to playing Pokemon Red on my laptop during Math 110 in college.

Or we could ya know just start winning again and take back the 8 seed from Toronto, but with a loss to them the other night the B’s are now 3 points back and things are looking grim. I had 1/4 season ticket package last year and I swear the Bruins lost probably 8/10 of those games so naturally I didn’t renew. And now for the 3rd straight year we’re on the verge of this shit happening again.

The ONLY thing I ask is that Tuukka stays away from Buff’s Pub for the next 2 weeks because we cannot afford to have him bailing on games over a tummy ache.

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