New Orleans Saints Kicking the Tires on Old Friend Johnny Manziel

via @ProFootballRumors

ESPN – Sean Payton says his Super Bowl-week meeting with Johnny Manziel was just a get-to-know-you session with the embattled quarterback, who is eyeing an NFL comeback. Payton told the New Orleans Saints’ website Tuesday that it was the first time he met Manziel.

I need Money Manziel back in the NFL like I need air. This guy was one of the most electrifying college players ever then had a really brief up and down career with the Browns before getting hurt and then going on a bender to rival all benders. If the guy can just take a page out of the Gronk playbook and keep it dry during the season then he’s got a shot.

But you know what doesn’t help that? Living in fucking New Orleans.

I’m sure that would go over great when Johnny goes missing for a few days in late February before resurfacing with a shattered iPhone and a bottle of Pepto on Fat Tuesday. But hey at least Mardi Gras is after the Super Bowl so what better way to celebrate than bringing the Saints back to the promise land once Drew Brees calls it a career.

Theres probably no one better for Johnny Manziel to learn under actually than Drew Brees. Sure Tom Brady is the GOAT, Aaron Rodgers is a stud etc. but Brees like Manziel is a fellow short guy. Brees could show Manziel how to take advantage of his height and how to avoid the pitfalls (like getting smoked by linebackers on a scramble).

Sean Payton can say he was “just having breakfast” with Manziel all he wants, but this guy is on the hunt for his next QB. Brees won’t be around forever and he needs to find the next guy because Garret Grayson ain’t that guy and he knows it. Why not kick the tires on a 24 year old former Heisman winner? Comeback SZN indeed.

Make Johnny Manziel Great Again.

Shoutout to @ProFootballRumors for the money photoshop of Johnny Manziel as a Saint

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