RIP Charlie Murphy

Complex – Comedian and legendary storyteller Charlie Murphy has reportedly passed away at age 57 following a battle with leukemia. According to TMZ, Murphy’s manager has confirmed he passed away in a New York City hospital due to complications from the deadly cancer. He had previously been undergoing chemo treatment to fight the illness.

Unreal. Always sucks to see one of your favorite celebrities go, especially ones that make you laugh as hard as Charlie Murphy did. Guy flew under the radar for years as his brother tore up Hollywood before exploding onto the scene in Chappelle’s Show.

Charlie Murphy stole the show every single time he was featured in a skit. Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories of Prince and Rick James are all-time classics. Nothing will ever top these two skits. They were a look into how wild the 80s were in Hollywood and just how crazy some of our most beloved celebrities were. With a little comedic flair of course, but Charlie had the benefit of not being a huge star so these stories, as hilarious as they were, seemed pretty genuine.

Player Haters Ball. “CLAP FOR ME BITCH!” Classic.

The Mad Real World. “CORRECTION” Classic.

Charlie Murphy coined some all time phrases too like “Habitual Line Stepper.”

And I still laugh every time I see him Bruce Lee kick Rick James in the chest.

Pour one out for my guy Charlie Murphy or as Rick James called him, “Darkness.”

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