Tough Days at TWWL

A reminder of better days at The Worldwide Leader.

It has been said before that your favorite Saturday Night Live cast is the first cast you are old enough to remember. That would explain my reverence for Weekend Update with Norm Macdonald and those early Celebrity Jeopardy sketches from the mid ’90s. The same could probably also be said about SportsCenter anchors.

With Saturday Night Live, there can be a legitimate debate over who anchored Weekend Update the best. Norm Macdonald might get my vote, but I recognize that good arguments could be made for Seth Meyers or Dennis Miller. There can be no debate overĀ  SportsCenter anchors, though. [Sorry, First Take, et al.] The Olbermann/Patrick tag team was the best, hands down.

It’s disappointing to see what SportsCenter has become. I know that SportsCenter can’t go back to two guys reading news stories in front of a wood panel wall like the Ron Burgundy days. I know that the immediate availability of news and video on my phone in my pocket has to change the model of a sports news/highlights show.

But sometimes I just want to watch sports with the smartest, funniest people in the room. I’ll watch highlights of the Red Sox game for the 10th time if you give me something no one else does. Hell, I’ll watch MLS highlights if you don’t make me feel like a less-enlightened sports fan because I don’t know the name of the head coach of the Seattle Sounders.

I don’t care how many graphics or video boards you have. Just get me the highlights, the news and a couple of laughs. Don’t talk down to me and don’t bullshit me.
PS – A decent theme song wouldn’t hurt either. The current SportsCenter theme sounds like a race car engine on loop with the same six notes repeating. Do better, ESPN.

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