Phoenix Cops Foil Attempt to Assassinate Former Green Ranger Jason David Frank

Yahoo – On Friday, former Green Power Ranger and mixed martial artist Jason David Frank spoke to reporters about his alleged assassination attempt at Phoenix Comic-Con. Police arrested a man at the Phoenix Convention Center on Thursday after he made it into the event with multiple weapons, including three guns and a knife, Phoenix police confirmed to PEOPLE in a statement on Sunday…The suspect was allegedly targeting Frank, who was appearing at the convention, according to Uproxx. According to court records obtained by ABC 15, the suspect allegedly had a calendar reminder set on his smartphone saying “Kill JDF,” the actors’ initials.

Okay first off thankfully nobody was hurt as this psycho’s plan was foiled by cops before he could do any damage. The guy was carrying 3 guns, a knife and body armor so he was definitely looking to hurt a lot of people. Great work by the Phoenix PD.

Now, on a lighter note, don’t you have to be a *little* bit more famous than the guy who used to play the Green Ranger on Power Rangers to qualify for assassination? Listen, I love JDF, but “assassinate”? I think thats a little strong. I’m pretty sure you need to be like Martin Luther King or a martyr of some sort to qualify for that term. I think attempted “murder” probably covers it for Tommy.

Also, talk about Yahoo selling the guy short. JDF was a LOT more than just the Green Ranger. He was the White Ranger, the Black DinoThunder Ranger, the Red Zeo Ranger, hell he was even a Doctor one season. Show some respect.

But of course nothing will ever top his original role, where this kid from the other side of the tracks made it cool to play a FLUTE because it was also a dagger and it ya know summoned a goddamn dragon out of the water.

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