Twitter Makes Fake Holidays Real

If you’ve been on Twitter today, you know that today is National Doughnut/Donut Day. [Cream-filled donuts will get their own special day on September 14th.] But did you know that today is also National Rotisserie Chicken Day, National Rocky Road Day, and National Leave the Office Early Day?

You can find all of the national days you want on the National Day Calendar.

I’m a consumer, so I have no problem with Dunkin’ Donuts inventing reasons to give out free stuff. I will also use any excuse I can get to leave the office early, even if I can’t imagine “It’s National Leave the Office Early Day!” working on any boss. But let’s talk about the real reason these national days exist: to give small-market radio DJs mindless banter.

In between weather reports, traffic reports and community announcements, what else would DJs in Chamberlain, South Dakota have to talk about if it weren’t National Beer Day (April 7th)? “Hey, it’s National Beer Day, so be sure to crack open a cold one tonight!! But don’t drink and drive! Always drink responsibly, even if it’s the best day of the year to put back a brew! Or two!!!! Don’t tell anyone I said to HAHA!!!”

How do these days even become a thing? Is there some national governing body? Does it have to start trending on Twitter to get noticed? Or can I just proclaim July 27th National Dugout Phone Appreciation Day?

There are way too many useless, foolish, half-baked days. But if DJs in Jackson, Wyoming need something to talk about on July 27th, why not make it #NationalDugoutPhoneAppreciationDay?

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