Miles Teller Arrested for Being Drunk in Public: Happens to the Best of Us

Yahoo – Miles Teller had a not-so-fantastic weekend that culminated in his arrest in San Diego. “Fantastic Four” star Teller was arrested and charged with being drunk in public early Sunday morning, a spokesman for the San Diego Police Department told TheWrap on Monday. According to police, an officer made contact with Teller and other males at 12:26 a.m., and noticed that the actor showed signs of being under the influence of alcohol, slurring his speech and swaying from side to side.

Man as much as it must be awesome to be a celebrity (rich, good looking, famous), it must fucking SUCK for stuff like this. Can’t even have a couple daiquiris and then hit the strip. You have a few too many of those sneaky 11% alcohol IPA’s and before you know it you’re fancy walking down the sidewalk.

And now everybody is gonna jump on the guy for being an alcoholic, when he’s just a dude who got wasted one night. While its hard to read too much into a police report because a lot of the subtle details are lost, but lines like this are telling though:

“According to police, an officer made contact with Teller and other males at 12:26 a.m.”

12:26 seems a bit early in the night to be completely fucked up drunk. So either he was disgustingly, horribly hammered or he maybe was mouthing off to a cop which is neverrr a good idea. If you’re a young, white guy — not to mention a young, rich, white guy — I feel like you’re probably going to get the benefit of the doubt. “Move it along guys.” But you start mouthing off and you deserve whatever you get.

I used to work the door at a bar in Boston and the number of 20-something, drunk dickheads walking over from State Street was always the highlight of my night. Dudes in their boat shoes screaming outside the bar about how much more money they made than us, all while coming to a bar that specializes in fucking $3 Coors Lights.  I once had a kid *demand* that I call the police since his dad knew the Chief so I could explain to them why I wouldn’t let him in. Needless to say we told that guy to go eat a bag of dicks. Pretty sure we saved the kid a billy club beating from the cops themselves.

Of all the celebrity boozehounds though, Shia LaBeouf still has the greatest drunken arrest story ever told.

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