Common Case of Mistaken Identity with Hugh Freeze

So I saw the news of Ole Miss football head coach Hugh Freeze resigning yesterday and while I thought it was odd, college football coaches are always getting into shit due to violations with the NCAA. I thought nothing of it. Except I didn’t hear WHY he was getting canned. Then I heard an update on the radio this AM and was shocked. SHOCKED.

Yes, I thought The Freeze, the fucking guy that is the 2017 version of the racing presidents in DC or the sausage race in Milwaukee, got busted for calling hookers. “The Freeze has fallen a long way after losing that race for the first time in the All-Star game last week, hate to see that.” No, you booze soaked brain, it was Hugh Freeze calling hookers from work, not The Freeze. Whoops. Common case of mistaken identity.

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