Hot Pie from Game of Thrones Opens Bakery Called You Know Nothing Jon Dough

Unilad – Hot Pie from Game of Thrones has swapped his career in the show to embark on a business venture in real life by opening an online bakery… called, wait for it, ‘You Know Nothing John Dough’.

I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried, but good for you Hot Pie, strike while the iron is hot because I do not see a lot of acting gigs in your future. Sure there will always be Jonah Hill who climbs from the depths of funny fat guys to rolling around Hollywood with Decaprio, but he’s the exception not the rule. So bake that bread and make a goddamn bread empire you scene stealing sonofabitch. If I can just end this with a pun; stack that bread. I’ll see myself out.

PS – That is some genius reverse engineering some product placement. What looks warm and delicious? How about a loaf of buttery bread after being on the Kings Road for months. Sign me up for some direwolf bread, STAT. Plus You Know Nothing Jon Dough is just A+ marketing. Well done, Hotpie.

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