#RushHourRap – J. Cole – Grown Simba

Couldn’t think of anything better than some J. Cole to start the day as he’ll be playing at the Garden Friday night, which is his first show in Boston since his Dollar and a Dream Tour back in 2013. That was an unreal show at the Paradise as he only announced the venue and released tickets on the day of the show. Luckily I happened to live 2 blocks from where he was playing so I snagged tickets for ONE DOLLAR each. A man of the people indeed. So lets throw it back with some olddd Jermaine off the Warm Up mixtape.

I never change, I’m like a corpse in a coffin, six feet shit’s deep
I was low just a dolla and some hope fixed me
Cause I was broke plus the weed that I would smoke would make it worser
Lord, please let my problems disappear like Ron Mercer
I’m a star, Converses
Conversin’ with them girls with them curves like cursive
They open like curtains because my shit is unheard of
Like curses on the radio
Same bitches used to play me though

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