The Players Weekend Uniforms Are Here

Major League Baseball’s first Players Weekend will take place August 25 through August 27, and the special uniforms and nicknames that will be used that weekend were released on Wednesday. They are… interesting.


I’ve got no issue with the nicknames. Some nicknames [2-Bags] are better than others [Astro’s Dad], but that’s to be expected. No word on whether or not the managers will be wearing nicknames but it is Players Weekend™, so I say let the players pick manager nicknames, too. I’d love to see John Farrell in full FML mode wearing a “Manager John” jersey.


The uniforms, though, are surprising at best and outlandish at worst. I love a good pullover jersey, but contrast color sleeves on a pullover jersey look way out of place.

The colors of the Red Sox jersey aren’t much of a departure from their traditional color scheme, but some of these jerseys are truly hideous. I think the Astros, Rays and Brewers jerseys fall into that category pretty safely.


When I first saw these jerseys I thought they looked like cheap fashion jerseys from T.J. Maxx. Unfortunately, that might be the point.

I’d prefer to see nicknames on real jerseys, but if you already have a #15 Red Sox jersey will you buy a new one that says “Laser Show” on the back? Or would you be more likely to buy a new, “special edition” jersey with “Laser Show” on the back? It’s all about hawking merchandise, and MLB is betting the latter.


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