Jesse from The Fast And The Furious is Alive. Well, Sort Of

Jalopnik – Jesse was such an underrated character in the first Fast & Furious movie, spouting such gems as “overnight parts from Japan” and his prayer to the car gods. Sadly, he didn’t survive to the sequels. But a shop in Canada recreated his car, and the stoke is strong with nostalgia all around here.

Okay, so I guess the actor who played Jesse was always alive, but I haven’t seen him since that dirty motherfucker Johnny Tran gunned him down in LA all those years ago. So it was a little emotional seeing Jesse back with his white Jetta alright?

Maybe this is the phoenix rising from the ashes moment for Jesse?

“The car’s mission is actually to get Jesse’s character back on people’s radar and get him into another Fast & Furious movie as some of you (jokingly?) predicted in the comments.”

YES! Hey you already brought one character back from the dead in Letty, so why not bring back Jesse? Sure, he got filled with lead on Dom Toretto’s front lawn, but I mean Jon Snow got stabbed in the heart and he came back to life. Its Hollywood, just have a throw away line explaining it and people will accept it and move on. We all accepted a street racing mechanic evolving into a criminal mastermind/GI Joe/CIA operative so lets not let the law of reality stop us now guys.

PS – For the cool price of $46,200 I could have owned Jesse’s original Jetta from Fast 1 signed by the late great Paul Walker (may he rest in peace). Thats a bargain and a definitive upgrade from my Mazda.

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