Video Games

I Need These Custom NBA Jam Jordans Like I Need Air

I don’t think I’ve ever needed something as badly as I need these video game sneakers. So FreakerSneaks makes all these custom Jordans and they are so choice. They got all the classics like NBA Jam, Super Mario, Duck Hunt, and Sonic. There’s stunting on people and  then there’s stunting on people in totally custom NBA Jam Jordans. $1,200? Swipe swipe. So slap these on my Christmas list today mom and dad. Just look at the details though, they even have the championship screen shot on the tongue.

But lets not forget some of the other beauties like the Jordan Sonic: Marble Zone 1. If these kicks don’t take you right back to the glory days of playing Sega in the basement then I don’t even want to know you.

And of course you can’t forget the true classics, the godfather of modern video games, the plumber himself; Super Mario.

On to the best of the rest:

Somebody get me a goddamn sneaker deal!

PS – If I were to design my own pair of these I would 100% have to call them the Jordan Super Nintendo Chalmers 1.

…..Patent Pending.

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