Bruins Resign David Pastrnak for 6 Years and $40 Million

NBC Sports – The Boston Bruins have finally found a way to get restricted free agent David Pastrnak under contract, according to TSN hockey insider Darren Dreger. Pastranak new contract is reportedly for six years and $40 million (annual average value of $6.67 million).

BOO YAH! I’m not gonna lie, I was getting increasingly worried the Bruins were going to fuck it up with yet another young stud player. We saw it with Phil Kessel, then Tyler Seguin and then most recently with Dougie Hamilton. With all the talk going around the past couple of weeks about how far apart the Bruins and Pasta’s camp were on negotiations its great to see this deal finally get done. And at a reasonable average annual value too. $40 million over 6 years works out to about $6.6 million per year, which makes him the fourth highest paid player on the Bruins, according to Spotrac, ahead of Brad Marchand, but still behind David Krejci, Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask. That should make everyone happy.

I’m just glad Peter Chiarelli didn’t fuck up this team’s cap salary from the other side of the country after setting the market with the absolutely absurd Leon Draisaitl contract of 8 years at $8.5 million per year. The Bruins clearly weren’t approaching that type of money nor should they have. I love Pastrnak, I’m a proud owner of a No. 88 t-shirt jersey and I think he’s gonna be a superstar in this league. But 8 years at $8.5 mil for a 21-year-old with one breakout season is crazy talk. Glad the Bruins were able to meet in the middle though and get a deal done. After months of the Red Sox, Pats, and Celtics stealing headlines, finally some shine for the Bruins.

PS – That $40 mil should buy a LOT of new tattoos at Boston Barber and Tattoo Co.

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