Johnny Manziel May Be Close to Signing With a Football Team

Yahoo – Johnny Manziel has officially told the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to squat or get out of the litter box. David William Naylor of TSN reports that Manziel has activated the 10-day window that compels the CFL team that holds Manziel’s negotiating rights to make him a contract offer. The move forces the hand of a franchise that has been slow-playing its flirtation with Manziel in the aftermath of the failed effort to hire Art Briles. Naylor says the Tiger-Cats must sign, trade, or release Manziel within the next 10 days.

LETS GO. Get Johnny Football back in my life. I don’t care if I have to (legally) stream CFL games from some undisclosed bunker, I need Money Manziel back in my life. #FreeJohnny

It seems like Manziel may be back on the (wider) football field sooner than later. I still don’t fully grasp the goofy CFL contract rules because I know random teams still “hold” the rights of guys like Vince Young, Tim Tebow and other NFL flameouts. So thanks to this David Naylor guy for clearing that up for me. Looks like Johnny might have to play on the cheap though if the TiCats try and low ball him

As PFT understands it, however, the Tigers-Cats are required simply to make Manziel a “fair offer,” not sign him. If so, it makes the move a calculated risk for Manziel; the Tiger-Cats may choose to simply serve up a lowball offer, forcing Manziel to either take it or to continue to not play.

Do it Johnny, just play ball, get out there and dominate the CFL and win a few Grey Cups. It worked for Doug Flutie and it can work for you.

Its pretty much Manziel’s only shot of playing football again, ya know, unless the USFL makes a comeback.

Plus I would 10/10 buy a Johnny Manziel Hamilton Tiger-Cats jersey because I am a child. So its a win-win situation really.

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