Rams and Chargers Combined Attendance Still Lower than USC Last Week

Yahoo – The Rams, playing in the cavernous L.A. Coliseum, drew just 56,612 people to their game against Washington. The Chargers meanwhile, playing in the 27,000-seat StubHub Center in nearby Carson, had a measly 25,381 patrons watch their loss against Miami. The combined attendance for the Rams and Chargers was 81,993. These numbers are especially low considering that on Saturday night, the USC-Texas game – also played in the Coliseum – had 84,714 fans.

The famously sports crazed and empathetic city of Los Angeles cannot support two NFL franchises, let alone one. Color me shocked.

When you see it side by side like though its got to be startling for the owners. The Rams are bad, but still they are 1/32, an elite group, and they can’t even fill half the stadium. Sure the Coliseum is 100k seats, but jesus christ just give some tickets away to avoid a picture like this:

Bad optics man. Perception is reality. And the perception here is that no one is showing up to watch the NFL in LA. And granted the Chargers are playing in a goddamn MLS stadium that only holds 27,000 fans, but even that they couldn’t sell out. People should be lining up to watch a game there, if for nothing else than the novelty of seeing a real, live NFL team in a tiny stadium that was designed to host soccer players making $100K a year.

I understand the want and maybe the need for the NFL to be in one of, if not the, biggest TV markets in the country, but sometimes you need to step back and see a bad idea for what it is. I’m sure the owners and the league will make their money back on Super Bowls, concerts, bowl games, and everything else that new LA stadium will hold, but I seriously doubt either team will ever have a ravenous fan base.

Maybe if the team is GREAT, which both are far from being, then the fans will come out. But that is the No. 1 problem with LA as a fan base for a franchise; the majority of the city is transplants. So if the team sucks, then why should I come out and spend my money? Its not really *my* team. Being from Boston obviously the teams are usually pretty good, but even when they’re bad we still show up. Its in our blood. We don’t have any other choice and its what we were raised on. Thats what helps build passion. Not shiny new stadiums.

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