Vinny Chase Already Made This New Firefighters Movie. Its Called Smoke Jumpers.

So the trailer for “Only the Brave” premiered during Monday Night Football and I had only one thought. Umm what the fuck is this? Vinny Chase already made this movie. Its called Smoke Jumpers. Seriously, its the same exact movie.

I mean, come on. Here’s Ari Gold pitching Vinny the synopsis for this same exact movie back in 2008. I’m onto you, Brolin.

Vinny Chase is so hot right night. Vinny Chase. Seriously, for all the shit people give Entourage despite it being a defining comedy for any guy in their late twenties, Hollywood is just pumping out movies that Vinny already made. Aquaman? Vinny made that in 2005:

*This was literally my only frame of reference for the Santa Monica Pier for about 10 years until I recently visited LA for the first time*

Now Hollywood is re-releasing Aquaman with Khal Drogo next year. Narcos? A little film my man Vinny made called Medellin, ever heard of it? Got into Sundance on its trailer alone, NBD.

And now this new movie about elite firefighters in the mountains fighting the biggest fire they’ve ever seen? THAT IS SMOKE JUMPERS. And I will not stand for this any longer until Mr. Chase is given the respect he deserves.

Not to mention, Vinny also got cast in Gatsby before Leo Dicarpio made his version so thats four movies Hollywood has snaked out of Vinny. For shame Hollywood, for shame.

PS – I’ll never forget the face of utter dismay on this girl I went to college with when I told her that no, Queens Boulevard was not actually a real movie. Pure shock.

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