X-Men Has a New Horror Movie Coming Out and I Am ALL IN

What have we here? Aside from Deadpool, this is the first real X-Men spinoff/side movie, however you want to phrase it, to really go away from the core characters. Not to mention they seemingly have decided to go a completely new route with the horror movie feel this trailer’s giving off.

I am ALL IN. The X-Men movies in general have always been criminally underrated. X2 is really the only one I remember, and I guess Logan as well, that got any love from people.

The original legit started the whole comic book movie era that we’re still living in today. The first Spiderman with Tobey didn’t even come out for another 2 years after X-Men.

There is some hot garbage in there of course like the clusterfuck that was X-Men: The Last Stand, but this franchise has always been the one thats not afraid of trying new directions. I mean how many other films can take their core characters, and then make prequels about them in the 1960s using completely different actors and have it work? (X-Men: First Class)

And then take that already convoluted idea, and send them back in time? Because time travel always makes things easier to understand. (X-Men: Days of Future Past)

But hey it worked, which is why I’m down with X-Men dipping their toes into the horror genre. Plus you got miniature Arya Stark in there so sign me up.

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