Red Sox

Eduardo Rodriguez Out 6 Months With…Wait for it….a Knee Injury!

When the Red Sox first acquired Eduardo Rodriguez in 2014 from the Orioles in the Andrew Miller trade it was deemed a steal for a half season rental of Miller. (Side note: the Red Sox do not get ANY credit for legitimately rebuilding Andrew Miller from the Florida Marlins/Detroit Tigers castoff failed starter that he was to the dominant, lights out bullpen weapon that he is.) E-Rod started off his career lights out going 10-6 with a 3.85 ERA at just 22 years old, but has been routinely derailed by injuries since then.

Seriously, take a look at the number of starts he’s made each season since the Red Sox acquired him.

  • 2015: 21
  • 2016: 20
  • 2017: 24

Not exactly workhorse type stuff. I mean E-Rod is still only making $500K a year so its not a huge financial burden, but in the same vein as Clay Buchholz you need to be able to rely on a guy to make the majority of his starts. Especially when that guy has the ability to be your No. 3 starter. Hopefully this horrific sounding “knee ligament reconstruction” that the Red Sox are describing it as helps get his knee back to where it needs to be. Otherwise break out the duct tape and bubblegum.

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