The Little Rock Chamber of Commerce Deserves a Clio Award

ArkansasOnline – The city of Little Rock won’t submit a bid to become the home of Amazon’s second headquarters after all.

In a full page ad that appeared in The Washington Post on Thursday under the heading “Hey Amazon, we need to talk,” the city said it has realized it would “probably never work out between us…”

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, is also the owner of The Washington Post.

Genius move by the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce. I’d have bet my house that Amazon wasn’t headed to the Natural State. But instead of wisecracks about why the hell Amazon would ever even consider moving to the state with the third-lowest median income in the nation, the Chamber of Commerce has taken control of the situation with two classic George Costanza moves.

The first is the “It’s Not You, It’s Me” routine. That’s pretty obvious. But what is really going on in the ad and in the video is the preemptive breakup.

GEORGE: I have no power Do you understand? I need hand. I have no hand.

KRAMER: Break up with her


KRAMER: You break up with her. You reverse everything that way.

JERRY: A preemptive breakup.

GEORGE: A preemptive breakup. This is an incredible idea. I got nothing to lose. We either break up which she would do anyway but at least I go out with some dignity. Completely turn the tables. It’s absolutely brilliant.

I actually wish more states would tell Amazon to go pound sand. Instead of bidding against each other and undercutting each other, why not just let the chips fall where they may? What’s the benefit of having Amazon in your state if you have to give away the store to get them there? It’s like these cities are bidding on the Olympics. The only difference is that the increased traffic, congestion and inflation won’t go away after a two-week party.

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