Dustin Pedroia Out 7 Months After Knee Surgery, Awesome

So Dustin Pedroia decided to undergo the surgery he’s been publicly hesitant to get because by his own admission its a long road to recovery. If all goes well with his knee surgery and rehab then, according to the Red Sox, Pedroia should be out 7 months, which puts him back on the field by May. But, how often does everything go according to plan with this team and injuries? There’s always some misdiagnosis or they rush guys back or second and third opinions derail everything because the players don’t trust the team doctors. So if all that goes off without a hitch then he’ll be back in May. But, thats back to being a functioning, walking human, not an everyday Major League Baseball player. Pedroia won’t be able to do any of his offseason conditioning and will miss all of spring training. So while the team is saying May, this could easily be a situation where we don’t see Pedey back on the field at Fenway until July. Thats a scary proposition.

So the Red Sox are most definitely going to need another guy that can play 50-100 games at second base next year. Is that Brock Holt? I’d prefer to keep Holt as a super utility player and not an every day infielder as he tends to get exposed the longer he plays plus he has his own injury concerns with the concussion and the vertigo from this past season.

Is that Eduardo Nunez? That would probably be the ideal fill-in, but after being picked up by the Sox in the second half where he crushed the ball to a BA of .321, Nunez is a free agent and is probably 1.) looking for big dough and 2.) looking for assured playing time. Not to say Nunez will immediately ride the bench upon Pedroia’s return, but I could easily see him going somewhere else where he knows exactly what position he’ll be playing every day.

Deven Marrero’s not exactly a sexy option having hit .211 this year in the big leagues, but he’s the only guy you’ve got on the roster right now. I simply cannot see Dave Dombrowski punting on second base to start the year and hoping a 34-year-old Pedroia returns to form after major knee surgery. The Sox are still tight up against the Luxury Tax and everyone will lose their shit if Dombrowski starts dishing more prospects, so while there is a move to be made they may have to get creative with this one.


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