Garoppolo to Follow in Young’s Footsteps. Just Not How Anyone Imagined.


Jimmy Garoppolo was going to be the centerpiece of either Bill Belichick’s Herschel Walker Brooklyn Nets trade or Josh McDaniels’s post-Brady rebuild on the fly. Now he’ll be neither.

Reports of multiple first round picks being offered for Gaoppolo over the summer now seem to have been greatly exaggerated, according to Ian Rapoport.

Looking at things objectively, that makes sense. How can you trade one first round pick, never mind multiple first round picks, for a guy who has started only two NFL games? Matt Cassel had been in the league for four years (as opposed to Garoppolo’s two) and went 10-5 as a starter in 2008 by the time the Patriots traded him in 2009 and the Patriots still had to throw in Mike Vrabel to pry away just one second rounder from the Cheifs.

As a fan, it’s disappointing. Not only do the Patriots not get the haul fans had been teased about, but the trade doesn’t help them out now.  It doesn’t do anything for this year’s team other than leave them without a life preserver in the case of an emergency. The only excuse for not trading Garoppolo before the season is if Belichick still holds a grudge against Cleveland. You gotta respect a good grudge.

Garoppolo could have been the next Steve Young, taking the reigns of an established dynasty after the retirement of a legend and keeping the dynasty going for another decade. Now he follows in Steve Young’s footsteps by taking the reigns of the San Francisco 49ers. It’s nothing like the team Young last played for in 1999, though. Garoppolo is set to be San Francisco’s 16th different starting quarterback since Young last took a snap in 1999.

It would be interesting to find out if Garoppolo had a say in any of this. Given the choice, would he rather have been the Prince of Wales in New England or a starter immediately anywhere else? Seeing so many good quarterbacks have their careers ruined by bad teams, being the Prince of Wales in New England sounds a lot better than being the King in Cleveland, Buffalo, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Chicago or San Francisco.

NFL careers are short, though. Maybe Garoppolo would rather get paid now than sign a team-friendly deal to stay in New England. Who knows when Brady will actually call it quits? There’s no glory in being the President of the Tom Brady Backup Club, the most prestigious backup club since the Brett Favre Backup Club closed its doors in 2008.

With no one left behind him, though, Brady better stick around for at least another two seasons. Otherwise, the 2018 Patriots could look a lot like the 1999 San Francisco 49ers. And no dynasty (or coach) survives an 18-year quarterback search.

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