Eminem Just Teased His Upcoming Album With a Fake Medicine Prescription Website

I was just passively scrolling through my Twitter feed when I saw this tweeted out by Em:

At first I thought maybe it was an album cover preview as the guy has a penchant for rX artwork (Relapse, Recovery etc.). Notice the backwards E too.

Then I went to the website and was like oh wait its some kind of medicine. Then I started actually reading through some of the stuff on the website and doing my research. REVIVAL treats Atrox Rithimus, which is not a real disease, and is actually rumored to be the title of his new album so we are in BUSINESS. Looks like “Walk on Water” will likely be the first single off the new album.

Em is back and just as weird as ever. The man has an eye for the details too. Call that number on the Revival website and you get this recorded message with “I Need a Doctor” playing on the piano in the background.

Not to mention all the little references sprinkled throughout the Revival website.

Plus another reference to his 2011 collab with Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey.

And of course the sneaky tagline hidden at the bottom

Popsomp Hills (“pop some pills”) was the fake rehab center that Em used to market Relapse with a viral campaign in 2009. Impressive.

So we’ve been hearing a “November” release date being mentioned for when the new album would drop, but no real concrete details have emerged. Most artists have seemed to all but nuked the pre-announced release date after years of albums leaking before they’re supposed to launch. Apparently he’s going to be doing a huge performance at the MTV EMAs to kick everything off.

‘Revival’, as the record is rumoured to be titled, will get a ‘massive’ airing at London’s SSE Wembley Arena as part of the annual MTV celebration, taking place this year on November 12. The Sun report that Marshall Mathers’ ninth studio LP will be ‘dropped’ at the event. “This is Eminem fully relaunching his career after a few years out and gathering his thoughts. It will be a massive performance,” says the tabloid’s source.”

Sign me the fuck up. We are just a few short days away from some fresh new Marshall Mathers kicking around in my ear drums.

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