Donald Trump Does NOT Like Getting UCLA Basketball Players Out of Chinese Prison Without a Hearty Thank You

If it weren’t for the Donald, LiAngelo Ball and his UCLA teammates could be in a Chinese labor camp breaking rocks for the next 5-10 years.

Or at least thats how he wants people to see it.

Before we get into this, if there is one piece of advice to offer LiAngelo and his teammates, especially when traveling to dictatorial countries, it’s this:

While it has reached completely fucking preposterous levels of reality TV storylines, it is equally hilarious that the fucking President of the United States had to throw in a good word to the President of China to get this process moving along. China was never gonna imprison famous American teenagers for 10 years, but then again it is China so you never know. I distinctly remember just how difficult it was for Jack Bauer to get back from China. It even required a prisoner swap, so you mess with China at your own risk.

But Donnie is out there just wheeling and dealing getting shit done. And while actual things may not be actually getting done, at least the UCLA basketball team is whole again. But don’t you dare think you’re gonna fly home without publicly thanking the Donald for saving your bacon.

Although Lil Yachty would disagree with that.

UPDATE: The players acknowledged and thanked Donald Trump for helping get them out of China, so we can all resume our lives now.

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