A+ Video: Jay-Z Reaction to Hearing Dirt Off Your Shoulder for the First Time

I live for videos like this. Nothing beats behind the scenes footage of your favorites actors and artists in their element seeing how they react to certain things. In this case we have Jay-Z hearing Dirt Off Your Shoulder for the first time, before it became the all-time classic that is today.

The Black Album really was a defining rap album of our generation. Watching Jay’s first reaction to hearing the beat from Timbaland and then seeing him get legitimately excited and jump in the booth is awesome. Thats why these guys are artists, they get inspired and then they absolutely crush it. If that doesn’t inspire you to find something you can feel the same way about then you’re probably already dead inside.

Bonus – This reminded me of a similar video where Jay first heard the Lucifer beat that a young Kanye made. Back when he was still on his polos and backpack. A+ stuff.

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