Giants Clean House and Fire EVERYBODY. Eli to Start on Sunday Now.

ESPNThe New York Giants cleaned house on Monday, firing coach Ben McAdoo and general manager Jerry Reese in the midst of a 2-10 season…Mara said he and co-owner Steve Tisch met and “agreed it was pointless to wait any longer to make these changes.” “This has been the perfect storm this season,” Mara said. “Everything that could have gone wrong this season has gone wrong.”

This is like the market having a correction. Eli was not playing well, but the entire Giants organization is a dumpster fire currently so to bench him for a 27-year-old Geno Smith was not the solution. It was handled so poorly that the coach got fucking fired for it a week later. So did the GM! Look, if the Giants had some young 1st round pick riding the pine, I would have been totally fine with seeing what the kid’s got. Its basically how Eli got his start, with the Giants benching veteran QB and Super Bowl champion Kurt Warner. But to bench him for the guy we all already know is trash, even the guy who drafted him in Rex Ryan said so, is just laughable.

So what do the Giants do? Fire EVERYBODY. Geno actually played pretty decent, but the Giants still lost. And being a head coach in the NFL is a lot more than just x’s and o’s. You are essentially the CEO. Its more like being a politician. You have to keep certain constituencies happy, you have to make tough choices, and then you also have to perform. The only guy who gets away with being a clown to the media is Bill Belichick and thats because he’s been to SEVEN fucking Super Bowls in the past 16 years. He gets the benefit of the doubt. Ben McAdoo does not get that same privilege. So when he created an absolute shit storm and made national headlines for benching the best QB in franchise history with the same tact as a high school coach, it was only a matter of time until he got the ax.

Benny with the good hair flew a little too close to the sun and he got burned. Dude started feeling himself just a bit too much. Once McAdoo went from this:

to this:

you just knew it was curtains for this guy. Can’t walk around pretending to be The Cooler from Road House and start 2-9 then bench the beloved franchise QB and live to talk about it.

PS – If I was Eli Manning, this just pisses me off even more. Oh you mean that 200+ games started streak that I earned over the course of 10+ years, we pissed that away to let Geno start for a week and then bring me back after you fired everybody? All those consecutive starts down the tubes just for a one week vacation? Yea cool, no problem, I won’t hold ANY resentment towards you guys for that one. Players can say records and numbers don’t matter, but its bullshit because they do.

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