Russian Olympic Team Hit With More Crushing Sanctions

NPR – Russian athletes who compete in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics must wear a simple logo that reads “Olympic Athlete from Russia” — and their uniforms can’t include other words or references to their home country, an International Olympic Committee panel said Wednesday.

The IOC’s Olympic Athlete from Russia Implementation Group released guidelines for uniforms, accessories and equipment two weeks after Russia was effectively banned from the upcoming Olympics because of a widespread and organized doping campaign.

That’ll teach ’em! I honestly don’t how Russia will ever recover from this humiliation. After running one of the most elaborate and sophisticated doping schemes in sports history, Russia has been totally banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Of course, Russian athletes will still be permitted to participate in the games as independents. The IOC wouldn’t want to punish the athletes who signed up for steroids too late didn’t participate in the doping scheme. However, they will be allowed to compete only with severe restrictions. They will not be referred to as Russians; they will be referred to as “Athletes from Russia.” Huge distinction. Also, they will not be allowed to wear the color blue. They will only be allowed to display two of the three colors of the Russian flag. Incredibly demoralizing.

Tough but fair.

Image result for tough but fair saul goodman

Who negotiated this deal for the IOC? Saul Goodman? Team sports like ice hockey should be real a hoot.

“Who’s playing for the gold medal today. Is that Russia?”
“Nope! Just a group of guys who formed a team right before the games started, who all happened to be from Russia. What a coincidence!”

What a joke. Ban Russia entirely or admit that this is just one big charade. I WANT TO SEE PEOPLE UNDER PRESSURE!

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