WEEI to Get the Jon Taffer Treatment Friday


It’s been a rough couple of weeks at WEEI. After Alex Reimer’s “pissant” comment late last month and Christian Fauria’s racist impression of Don Yee last week, the station has been getting all sorts of bad press and hemorrhaging advertisers. Something had to be done to address this situation, and it now appears that WEEI will shut down for the day on Friday to host mandatory sensitivity training for all employees.

The fact that WEEI’s sensitivity training will probably resemble Dunder Mifflin’s sensitivity training is irrelevant. Something had to be done. If nothing else this station, and its parent company, had to do something to show that it was taking these incidents seriously. They’ve had enough incidents lately for it to become a full-blow situation over there.

And based on the timing, right before the start of spring training, I wouldn’t be surprised if WEEI wanted to show the Boston Red Sox in particular that it was taking this situation seriously and handling it appropriately. Even with deals in place for years to come, I can’t imagine John Henry would want the logo of an embattled radio station all over his ballpark all summer. Especially since his club has plenty of its own marketing issues to worry about.

Friday seems as good a time as any for the station to take a much needed timeout. It should give everyone a chance to discuss, reflect and reset. As was written about in the Herald earlier today, WEEI needs to get back to basics, and fast. I don’t want WEEI to turn into some bland midwest “Sports Animal” sports talk station. Its brash style is what has made WEEI wildly funny and entertaining in the past. But if it can’t get back to basics, I don’t want to listen as it continues to spiral out of control.

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